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On the Horizon
Video T-Mobile New Horizons! 13/08/17
Video Winners! 12/08/17
Awards "Western" directed by Valeski Grisebach wins the 17th T-Mobile NH IFF 12/08/17
Video T-Mobile New Horizons Daily 07 12/08/17
Programme Everything Ends 12/08/17
Programme A Crisis of Love: 120 Beats Per Minute 12/08/17
Video T-Mobile New Horizons Daily 06 11/08/17
Video Polish Days 11/08/17
Programme Crossing Borders: New Israeli Cinema 11/08/17
Video Queue-jumping 11/08/17
Video T-Mobile New Horizons Daily 05 9/08/17
Interview Debutantes and Veterans [an interview with Weronika Czołnowska] 9/08/17
Video volontarius (łac.) 9/08/17
Programme Art for Art's Sake: The Square 9/08/17
Interview Fantastic Women 8/08/17
Programme Rivette Week 8/08/17
Industry Polish Days 2017 3 days ago
Industry The 8th edition of New Horizons Studio+ 18/08/17
Programme Crown Shyness Performance 2/08/17
Programme Ale kino+ section to feature festival hits at the 17th T-Mobile New Horizon 27/07/17
Industry Details released about this year's edition of New Horizons Studio+ 24/07/17
Programme Ariel Schweitzer: Jacques Rivette – Secret Defense 24/07/17



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