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In Theaters
Closeness by Kantemir Bałagow release: March 9 I Am Not a Witch by Rungano Nyoni release: April 20
Programme 18th New Horizons IFF: Roeg, Enyedi, Costa, Monteiro and Iran : Iran 7/12/17
Industry Polish Days 2018 Submissions Open 12/03/18
Programme Winners of Berlinale and highlights at 18th New Horizons IFF 8/03/18
Industry From Polish Days to Berlinale Co-Production Market 2/03/18
Programme "Touch Me Not" to be one of the opening films at New Horizons 26/02/18
Programme Małgorzata Sadowska about Pedro Costa and João César Monteiro 5/02/18
On the Horizon
Video T-Mobile New Horizons! 13/08/17
Event Faces of New Horizons 15/08/17
Video Winners! 12/08/17
Awards "Western" directed by Valeski Grisebach wins the 17th T-Mobile NH IFF 12/08/17
Video T-Mobile New Horizons Daily 07 12/08/17
Programme Everything Ends 12/08/17
Programme A Crisis of Love: 120 Beats Per Minute 12/08/17
Video T-Mobile New Horizons Daily 06 11/08/17



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