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Releases 2020

A White, White Day

Hlynur Pálmason
Hvítur, Hvítur Dagur
Iceland, Denmark 2019 / 109’
In theaters from 6 March
Tommaso Fire Will Come

On a white, white day, when you can’t distinguish the sky from the ground, the dead can speak to speak to the living, or so says an Icelandic saying. That’s the sort of day it is when Ingimundur’s wife dies, careening into an abyss in a speeding car. The widowed police officer tries to start all over again: he looks after his granddaughter, finishes a house for his daughter, goes to therapy. One day, however, his wife speaks to him. He accidentally tells her a secret, which, for the first time in a long time, arouses strong emotions in him. When the dam of feigned calm breaks, nothing can stop the violence. With his second film, the director of the unforgettable, extravagant Winter Brothers confirms that he is one of Scandinavia’s most talented young artists. More mature, formally cool and distanced, all the while seething with suppressed emotions, A White, White Day is a penetrating insight into our struggles with grief and, at the same time, an engaging film about retribution. The lead actor, Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, gives a convincing performance as a widower living in a trap of the past and slowly slipping into obsession. He justly deserved the jury award he received during Critics’ Week at Cannes.


Cannes IFF 2019 – Louis Roederer Foundation Rising Star Award; Transylvania IFF 2019 – Best Actor

Release date: 6 March 2020

Cast & Crew

director Hlynur Pálmason
screenplay Hlynur Pálmason
cinematography Maria von Hausswolff
editing Julius Krebs Damsbo
music Edmund Finnis
cast Ingvar E. Sigurðsson, Ída Mekkín Hlynsdóttir, Hilmir Snær Guðnason, Sara Dögg Ásgeirsdóttir, Björn Ingi Hilmarsson
producer Anton Máni Svansson
production Film i Väst, Glassriver, Join Motion Pictures, Snowglobe Films
language Icelandic
colouration colour