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Marcin Pieńkowski TOP 10

Angelo, dir. Markus Schleinzer
Ewa Szabłowska’s top 10 Małgorzata Sadowska’s Top 10

The Souvenir

dir. Joanna Hogg (Gala Screenings)

This is a stylish, subtle, beautifully filmed portrait of toxic love. James Ivory meets Derek Jarman; stylish melodrama meets sophisticated film impression. An award winner at the Sundance Festival.


dir. Kleber Mendonça Filho, Juliano Dornelles (Masters)

A Jury Award winner at Cannes. The creator of Aquarius has made a crazy mishmash of genre cinema that is a devilishly clever metaphor for contemporary Brazil. The film is a combination of western, satire, magical realism and ... you'll just have to see for yourself.


dir. Wang Quan'an (Masters)

Wonderful slow cinema from Mongolia—hypnotic, wise, beautifully made and funny. A bit of a crime story, a bit of a love story, certainly the best use of Elvis Presley’s music in cinematic history. A hit from the Berlin Festival.

Living and Knowing You’re Alive

dir. Alain Cavalier (Masters)

One of the masters of French cinema has made a subtle, sophisticated and intimate video diary dedicated to his friend, the writer Emmanuèle Bernheim. A small film about passing away that packs a big punch.

The Man Who Surprised Everyone

dir. Natasha Merkulova, Aleksey Chupov (Discoveries)

An award winner in Venice, this is an intimate drama about a man from the Russian provinces who finds out that he has little time left to live. This knowledge spurs him to do what he has always secretly dreamed of: to wear women’s clothing. A wonderful metaphor for a world immersed in a hell of prejudice.


dir. Markus Schleinzer (Focus: The Body I Live In)

Eighteenth-century Europe. Angelo, a boy from Africa, ends up in the hands of aristocrats who want to make a full-fledged person out of him. He speaks French, wears elegant clothes and masters the flute. However, he quickly reaches the limits of the tolerance of the ladies and gentlemen of the court. A wonderfully staged film that is equally applicable to current times.

Divine Love

dir. Gabriel Mascaro (Focus: The Body I Live In)

An unusual dystopia by the director of Neon Bull. A devilish, sensual and highly intelligent film. A satire on Catholic customs and the modern cult of sexuality. A hit at Sundance and the Berlinale.

White, White Day

dir. Hlynur Pálmason (Oslo / Reykjavik 2)

The director of the Winter Brothers presents a formally superb psychological thriller immersed in the Icelandic mist. A story about revenge, hidden pain and acceptance of the death of a loved one. Winner of an acting award at Cannes.

Bird Talk

dir. Xawery Żuławski (Gala Screenings; Żuławski vs. Żuławski)

The director of the memorable Snow White and Russian Red (also in the program) adapts for the big screen a screenplay written by his father, the legendary Andrzej Żuławski. The result is a sensational portrait of contemporary Poland: insane, flashy and painfully accurate.


dir. Bong Joon Ho (Gala Screenings)

The Palme d’Or winner at the festival in Cannes. A family of poor swindlers figures out a brilliant way to get inside the home of a wealthy family and somehow take over their comfortable life. A perfect social satire—hilarious and shocking at the same time. In a word, superb.

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