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Divine Love

Gabriel Mascaro
Divino Amor
Brazil, Uruguay, Denmark, Norway, Chile 2019 / 100’
Dirty God Flesh Out

The sexiest film at this year’s Berlinale, an eccentric vision of the future that should appeal to fans of Gaspar Noé and Andrzej Żuławski. Brazil in the year 2027. Although society has become radically conservative, there is undoubtedly a feeling of sensuality in the air. Joana, a middle-aged, God-fearing office worker who is trying to solve her marital problems at Divino Amor group therapy, is aware of this paradox. The group’s popularity is the result of its unconventional methods for healing interpersonal relationships—methods that alter the lives of its members forever. In Divine Love, 35-year-old director Gabriel Mascaro (Neon Bull) confirms his status as a visionary and one of the bright lights in contemporary artistic cinema. The South American artist offers a fresh take on the age-old, perverse relationship between religion and sex, while also proving that he can show this in a visually interesting way. The mesmerizing, neon-lit Brazil of the future that we see on-screen creates the impression of a place simultaneously terrifying and oddly enticing.

Piotr Czerkawski


Guadalajara IFF 2019 – FEISAL Award for Best Feature Film

Gabriel Mascaro

Born in Recife in 1983, Gabriel Mascaro is a Brazilian film director and visual artist. He studied social communication at the Federal University of Pernambuco. He began his film career with the production of several critically acclaimed documentary films. He only truly came to prominence in 2015, however, with his feature film Neon Bull, which was an award winner at the Venice Festival, among other places.

Selected filmography

2008 KFZ-1348 / The Beetle KFZ-1348 (doc.)

2009 Um Lugar ao Sol / High-Rise (doc.)

2012 Doméstica / Housemaids (doc.)

2014 August Winds / Ventos de Agosto

2015 Neonowy byk / Boi Neon / Neon Bull 

Cast & Crew

director Gabriel Mascaro
screenplay Gabriel Mascaro, Rachel Daisy Ellis, Esdras Bezerra, Lucas Paraizo
cinematography Diego García
editing George Cragg, Fernando Epstein, Lívia Serpa, Eduardo Serrano
music Juan Campodónico, DJ Dolores, Santiago Marrero, Cláudio N., Otavio Santos
cast Dira Paes, Julio Machado, Teca Pereira
producer Rachel Daisy Ellis, Rodrigo Plá, Katrin Pors
production Desvia, Malbicho Cine, Snowglobe Films, Jirafa, Mer Film, Bord Cadre Films, Film i Väst, Canal Brasil, Globo Filmes, House on Fire
sales Memento
language Portuguese
colouration colour