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Kristoffer Borgli
Norway 2017 / 88’
Arctic Thelma

Comedian Amir Asgharnejad deliberately blurs the boundary between what is real and what is made up. When one of his videos gains popularity all around the world, an advertising agency in Los Angeles asks him to take part in a joint project. Delighted that this is the result of being beaten up, since "the lack of fame hurts more". It turns out, however, that Amir doesn't feel like putting his face on an energy drink-or being beaten up, since the street fights that brought him fame weren't even real. In trying to recreate the absurd events on the basis of stories about Amir laced with advertising jargon and starring Amir himself, Kristoffer Borgli weaves back and forth between a documentary and a feature, creating just the right sort of film for our era of "alternative facts." It turns out, however, that Amir doesn't want to repeat what happened to him, and he starts to cause more and more trouble on the set. Andy Kaufman would no doubt have given him top marks while Larry David would have corrected it.

Marta Bałaga

Kristoffer Borgli

Born in 1985, Kristoffer Borgli is a Norwegian director. He lives and works in Los Angeles and Oslo. He has made numerous commercials, music videos for songs by the band Young Dreams and short films, including the 2013documentary Whateverest, which was screened at the festival in Tallinn and at AFI Fest. DRIB, starring Brett Gelman from the series Stranger Things, premiered at the SXSW Festival and is his first full-length film.


2011 Molo (short)

2013 Whateverest (short)

2014 Wherever I Look, I See Myself (short)

2017 DRIB

2018 A Place We Call Reality (short)

Cast & Crew

director Kristoffer Borgli
screenplay Kristoffer Borgli
cinematography Håvard Byrkjeland
editing Patrick Larsgaard
music Felicita
cast Brett Gelman, Adam Pearson, Amir Asgharnejad, Annie Hamilton, Dean Chekvala
producer Magne Lyngner, Riina Spørring Zachariassen
production Bacon Pictures, Steakhaus Productions
language Norwegian, English
colouration colour