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Festival passes are on sale until June 30 (or until supplies last)!

Hotels recommended and discounts New Horizons in November: the 20th NH will merge with the American FF

Passes for the 20th New Horizons International Film Festival go on sale.

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Several convenient ticketing options are available at the New Horizons Festival. You can purchase a pass in advance, tickets for selected screenings (after the program has been announced) or an Open Ticket, which allows you to make last-minute decisions about which films to see. Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) about passes, vouchers and tickets. For more information please contact us at sprzedaz@nowehoryzonty.pl

What is the difference between a festival pass and movie tickets?

The festival pass offers by far the most cost-effective and convenient way to attend the festival, if you plan to watch as many films as possible and want to flexibly reserve screenings (e.g. cancel screenings or change a reservation for another screening).

The pass is programmed with 55 points that allow you to attend a maximum of 50 screenings. One point equals one film screening if seating is available and you reserve the screening online.

Meanwhile, movie tickets guarantee entry to screening the ticket is for, while pass holders should be aware that other passholders may prior reserve seats for a given screening (the reservations are made in order online). Unlike passes, tickets are fully transferrable meaning you can give your ticket to other people in the event you cannot or do not wish to attend a screening.

Pass prices: through March 31, 2020: PLN 390 or PLN 375 (discount New Horizons Cinema Friends Club Card holders); beginning April 1, 2020: PLN 450 or PLN 435 (discount as above).

Why is the pass the most cost-effective way to participate in the festival?

A pass guarantees entry to screenings at the lowest possible price. If you attend the maximum number of screenings (i.e. 50) and purchase the pass prior to April 1, the price for a single screening is PLN 7.80 and PLN 9 if you purchase your pass after April 1. This is the most cost-effective (least expensive) way to see festival films.

To enable more viewers to enjoy festival films, this year's festival will offer a larger number of theater screens than previous editions. In practice, this translates into more available seats.

Through March 31, 2020, you can buy passes at last year's price of PLN 390 or PLN 375 for New Horizons Cinema Friend Club Card holders.

Does the festival pass offer any additional benefits?

A festival pass guarantees discounts on tickets to festival special events and concerts. The pass also entitles holders to special discounts on festival merchandise and books.

In 2020 pass holders are also entitled to discounts on accommodation at selected hotels and hostels in Wroclaw as well as food and beverages at the New Horizons Cinema Bistro and other participating bars and restaurants.

Hotels recommended

Invariably, the festival pass guarantees other extraordinary experiences such as getting up every day before 8:30 AM to reserve available seats for desired films, making new friends and even marriages (there is a documented case of a pair of passholders whose relationship began during the festival).

Many New Horizons participants also credit the booking system with stabilizing body biorhythms and stimulating strategic skill development.

When can I purchase a festival pass?

Passes are available for purchase from December 12, 2019 through June 30, 2020, or while supplies last.

Reservations for the most important or popular festival films usually fill up very quickly. I don't have a pass and I couldn't buy tickets. Is there any other way to see that special movie?

As they say, hope dies last. Last year, we launched the Open Ticket (OT) in order to most efficiently use available seats in festival theaters (e.g. left unused because a passholder did not pick up their reservations).

The OT operates like a pre-paid card that can be topped up with cash or a payment card at the festival box office. OT holders can scan their open ticket at the entrance to the selected screening and, depending on availability, take a vacant seat or an unused reserved seat. What's more, the OT funds can also be used to buy a ticket at the entrance to the screening whenever there are tickets available - all you need is to do is scan the Open Ticket. OT sales begin at the start of the festival.

What about last-minute ticket sales?

Instead of one long line to the last-minute ticket counter on the cinema's ground floor, guests will be directed to individual screening rooms. Open Ticket holders will be able to monitor seating availability in real time and go directly to their selected screning.

There are passes, tickets, and the Open Ticket. What is a voucher?

A voucher is the perfect gift for holidays, birthdays, name days and other occasions. The voucher is a gift card you can give friends and family, which is activated on the festival website using an activation code (located on the card; the code is for single use). The voucher is just like purchasing a 20 film pass to the New Horizons International Film Festival and includes the same privileges as buying a traditional pass.

Where and when can you buy a voucher?

Vouchers are available from our online store at nowehoryzonty.pl/sklep.do  
Vouchers go on sale on December 12, 2019 and are avaiable through June 30, 2020, or until supplies last.

Where and when can I pick up my pass?

The festival pass, including passes purchased using a voucher, can only be picked up by the person whose name appears on the pass, beginning July 22, 2020 through August 2, 2020, between 9:00 AM and 9 PM, at the Festival Center at New Horizons Cinema (ul. Kazimierza Wielkiego 19a-21, Wrocław) upon presentation of an identity card or other photo ID.

When can I start to make reservations?

For screenings showing on July 23, 2020, movie reservations will be available starting July 22 at 12:00 noon. Beginning July 23, screenings can be booked starting at 8:30 AM for the that and the following day. Example: for a movie showing on July 26 you can make a reservation on July 25 starting at 8:30 AM. This avoids the situation where passholders reserve all festival seats for the entire following week "just in case". This system also allows passholders to calmly review the festival program and make informed decisions. Attention! You can make a maximum of one reservation (i.e. seat) per screening and you cannot reserve more than one screening per single time block. A single time block includes all shows starting within 45 minutes of each other (e.g. showings starting at 9:45 AM, 10:00 AM and 10:30 AM are all part of a single time block).

Should I reserve seats online for the festival's opening and closing films?

Online reservations also apply to festival opening and closing films. Reservations for screenings taking place on July 23, 2020 will be available starting July 22, 2020, at 12:00 noon.

What should you do if you want to see a different movie than previously reserved?

If you want to see a different movie than previously planned, simply cancel the reservation and make a new one; you can do so up to 15 minutes before the start of the screening. However, better never than late. Failure to cancel the reservation and to show up at the screening will result in a deduction of 5 points from your festival pass point total.

Where can I cancel my reservation?

Reservations can be canceled up to 15 minutes before the screening. To cancel a reservation, please use the reservation system located on the festival website (nowehoryzonty.pl/r).

Prior to the festival, you can use the demo version of the online booking system and practice making and canceling reservations.

Is the festival pass transferable to others?

The festival pass is non-transferable. It cannot be given, sold, or temporarily used by anyone but the passholder whose name appears on the pass.

How do I upload a photo to festival pass?

The order form includes an "upload photo to pass" button. The photo will upload to the pass much like an attachment does to email. When purchasing a festival pass or activating a pass voucher, you can take a picture using your webcam. You must first set up an account at www.nowehoryzonty.pl to purchase a pass or activate a voucher.

What are the requirements for a festival pass photograph?

It should be a current portrait photo in a file not exceeding 2MB with a minimum size of 400x400 pixels, preferably with a resolution of 300 DPI. The photo will be used to identify the passholder at the entry to festival screenings and other attractions. Lack of a photo or a photo that prevents proper visual identification may result in order cancellation (in other words, sombreros, top hats, funky glasses or feathered boas are allowed so long as they do not cover the face of the photographed individual).

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