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It's Argentina's time to shine! Epic 14-hour long "La flor" & "La Quietud"

La Quietud, dir. Pablo Trapero
Movies by Harmony Korine and Carlos Reygadas make the spot at the 19th NH Developing Your Film Festival at New Horizons IFF

Nearly 14 hour long, both epic and ironic  La flor and the subversive  La Quietud – the latest film from the creator of  El clan (award winner at Venice film festival). With these two titles this year's New Horizon sets the stage for Argentinian modern cinema. This year's program includes a special block dedicated to Argentinian cinematography, including new movies by Mariano Llinás and Pablo Trapero.

La flor by Mariano Llinás

La flor – split into 3 parts, 8 episodes, telling 6 stories – will be the most unique experience of this year's New Horizons. Monumental, created for cinephiles, yet hysterically funny, upstaging what is usually a B class movie. Mariano Llinás tosses all movie genres into the pot: horror, musical, melodrama, cold war-era spy thrillers, Canadian mountain-climbing movies, and many others. He creates a comical yet erudite commentary on the modern trend of abusive consumption of TV series. Provides an alternative to binge-watching by leveraging series-like narrative logic in cinematography.

La Quietud by Pablo Trapero

The latest movie by Pablo Trapero, creator of the magnificent El clan, is sometimes a heartwarming slice of family life, but often – which is the director's trademark – a platform to showcase the dark side of privilege, memory and history. The movie tells a story of an older married couple who lives with their adult daughter (Martina Gusmán) at the La Quietud ranch near Buenos Aires. When the father is taken to a hospital, his second daughter (Bérénice Bejo) from Paris comes to stay with the family. The sisters are very much alike and they love each other, but also fight quite a bit. Things heat up, when family's and Argentina's itself dark past cannot stay hidden any longer. The fine cast of La Quietud movie shown at the latest festival in Venice is complemented by the star of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace – Edgar Ramírez – and the legend of Argentinian cinema – Graciela Borges – in an excellent role of the family's matriarch. 

More details on the Argentinian movie block coming soon.

The 19th New Horizons International Film Festival will take place from July, 25th to August, 4th 2019.

(translation by CM Translation Services, Wroclaw)

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