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Video Essey: Nicolas Roeg

Staszek Liguziński
Individuals against the world. An essay by Piotr Czerkawski Workshops with Touch Me Not protagonists

A collection of images, phenomena, motifs and visual details: these are video essays, through which we tell stories about and look at the New Horizons.

In the second part, we present people who have fallen to Earth. Meet the outsiders from Nicolas Roeg's films.

Co-author of the essay People Who fell to Earth: Kuba Mikurda - director of the movie Love Express. The disappearance of Walerian Borowczyk. Lecturer at the PWSFTviT in Łódź. He co-edited books on Walerian Borowczyk, Terry Gilliam, the Quay brothers, Guy Maddin and Tsai Ming-liang. He is fascinated by the idea of mixing film practice and film studies.

Staszek Liguziński

Video essays coordinator, Digital Content Coordinator (VOD platform) at IFFR, Film and Head VR Programmer at Imagine Film Festival (Amsterdam) and Go Short (Nijmegen), founder of the Filmarcades transmedia project. As he points out, film is the perfect material to transform, process and tell new stories.

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