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The Green Fog

Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
USA 2017 / 63’
Sorry Angel The House by the Sea

Guy Maddin-a filmmaker who is no stranger to New Horizons audiences, as he was the subject of a retrospective during the ninth edition of the festival-offers us another wild cinematic trip. His latest work is a kind of found-footage tribute to San Francisco, meticulously assembled from fragments of movies set there. The film is loosely based on the plot of an unquestionably great work set in this beautiful and proud city, Alfred Hitchcock's Vertigo. Kaleidoscopic images change, reinterpret and imitate events from the classic thriller. We follow the story of a tragic love affair and a sinister conspiracy wrapped in a haze of green, toxic fog, poisonous emissions of mystery and death that were added to the archival footage during digital processing.

Piotr Mirski


Las Palmas FF 2018 – Best Film

Guy Maddin

Guy Maddin was born in Winnipeg in 1956. He studied Economics. Before he started his film career, he worked as a bank manager and a house painter. He made his full-length debut with Tales from the Gimli Hospital. He later made Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's DiaryTheSaddest Music in the World and My Winnipeg. In his films, which are somewhere between avant-garde and pop culture, he enjoys working with old film conventions. He is also an author and has made several installations.

Selected filmography

1988 Opowieści ze szpitala w Gimli / Tales from the Gimli Hospital

2002 Drakula: stronice z pamiętnika dziewicy / Dracula: Pages from a Virgin's Diary

2003 Najsmutniejsza muzyka świata / The Saddest Music in the World

2006 Piętno na umyśle! / The Brand Upon the Brain!

2007 Moje Winnipeg / My Winnipeg 

2015 Zakazany pokój / The Forbidden Room (co-dir.)

2017 Zielona mgła / The Green Fog (co-dir.)

Evan Johnson

Evan Johnson works with Guy Maddin on a regular basis. They have directed several short films together,including Puberty,ElmsandColours, as well as the full-length features The Forbidden Room and The Green Fog. He has also done the editing and effects on several productions.

Selected filmography

2014 Puberty (short, co-dir.)

2014 Elms (short, co-dir.)

2014 Colours (short, co-dir.)

2015 Zakazany pokój / The Forbidden Room (co-dir.)

2017 Zielona mgła / The Green Fog (co-dir.)

Galen Johnson

Galen Johnson is Evan Johnson's brother. He studied at the University of Manitoba. He worked in the architectural industry for several years. He has collaborated with his brother and Guy Maddin on a series of film projects as a director, composer, set designer and editor.


2015 Bring Me the Head of Tim Horton (doc., short, co-dir.)

2017 Zielona mgła / The Green Fog (co-dir.)

2018 Accidence (short, co-dir.)

Cast & Crew

director Guy Maddin, Evan Johnson, Galen Johnson
cinematography archival footage
editing Evan Johnson Galen Johnson
music Jacob Garchik
production Extra Large Productions
sales Festival Agency
language English
colouration colour & b&w