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The Flower Shop

Ruben Desiere
La fleurière
Belgium, Slovakia 2017 / 78’
Sultry The Guilty

Tomi, Rasto and Mizu are three Roma friends from Slovakia living in Brussels. The life of migrants is marked by a constant struggle for survival. Some end up returning home, though as a last resort. To solve their everyday problems, the three friends decide to rob a bank. As amateurs, they don't plan a spectacular robbery; instead, their idea focuses on the back room of a tiny flower shop, where they dig a tunnel in order to gain access to the vault at the National Bank. Everything goes smoothly until a real storm begins. The rain forces them to wait, and they finally have time to talk. The Flower Shop is an example of slow cinema, where the accounts of witnesses are the most important element. The migrants' stories are arranged to form a picture of the everyday life of people who are marginalized and deprived of opportunities for the future. Nobody pays attention to the three men visiting the flower shop on a regular basis because, for most people, they simply don't exist. The Belgian director's feature debut is based on his previous film experience: Desiere met the protagonists while working on his documentary Kosmos.

Joanna Ostrowska

Ruben Desiere

Born inBelgium in 1990, Ruben Desiere studied Film in Ghent. He graduated in 2014. He made his debut with the medium-length documentary Kosmos, in which he talked about the life of Slovak Roma. Desiere's point of departure was a novel by Witold Gombrowicz.The film was screened at the International Film Festival in Rotterdam.He is the co-creator of the Accattone Films production company and the Belgian film website Sabzian. The Flower Shop, his feature debut, was shown at this year's Rotterdam Festival.


2014 Kosmos (doc.)

2017 Kwiaciarnia / La fleurière / The Flower Shop

Cast & Crew

director Ruben Desiere
screenplay Ruben Desiere
cinematography Ruben Desiere
editing Elias Grootaers
cast Tomáš Balog, Rastislav Vaňo, Vladimír Balász, Bartolomej Mroč
producer Ruben Desiere, Rasmus van Heddeghem
production Accattone Films, Mandala Pictures, Popiul
sales The Open Reel
language Romany
colouration colour