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Gastón Solnicki
Argentina 2011 / 74’
Kékszakállú Süden

A portrait of a contemporary four-generation family from Buenos Aires that, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of everyday life, makes an effort to hang on to its Jewish heritage. The family's founding myth-the memory of which is guarded by its doyenne, Grandmother Pola-involves an escape from extermination in occupied Poland and the struggles of illegal immigrants to build a new life in Argentina. The family history is intertwined with observations of everyday affairs: social gatherings, travels, quarrels about money, the whims of children. This atypical family chronicle, shot over a decade by a member of the family, Gastón Solnicki, blends various narratives, themes, and time periods, as well as different technologies: from archival materials on 8 mm film to digital photographs, resulting in a symbiosis of history and the present. Out of Solnicki's documentary emerges a panorama of an exceptional-and yet entirely ordinary-family and of Argentina's multicultural society, where there is a place for different languages, religions, and traditions.

Adam Kruk

Gastón Solnicki

Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, Gastón Solnicki is an Argentinian director with Polish roots. Initially trained to become a chef, he then went to New York to study Photography and Film. In addition to short films, he has also made three full-length films. His debut, Süden (2008), and the documentary dedicated to his family, Papirosen (2011), were award winners at the BAFICI International Independent Film Festival in Buenos Aires. His latest film, Kékszakállú, was screened at the Venice Film Festival, where he won a FIPRESCI Award in the Orizzonti section.


2008 Süden

2011 Papirosen

2016 Sinobrody / Kékszakállú

Cast & Crew

director Gastón Solnicki
screenplay Gastón Solnicki
cinematography Gastón Solnicki
editing Andrea Kleinman
cast Pola Winicki, Mirta Najdorf, Alan Solnicki, Víctor Solnicki, Yanina Solnicki
producer Gastón Solnicki
production Filmy Wiktora
sales Gastón Solnicki
language Spanish, English, Polish, Hebrew
colouration colour