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Gastón Solnicki
Argentina 2016 / 72’

A sweltering, sun-bathed city: here, you can take a walk, admire the view, or go for a swim-in a pool or in the sea. Out of short, static shots, mainly in hues of white and blue, emerges a land that is prosperous, but plunged into calamity; peaceful and elegant, but also boring and suffocating. This is the world in which several young women are entering an adulthood that they still cannot possibly understand. Cut off from their own emotions, they do not even know what to do with their time. This state might last forever, or it could also lead to an explosion. The inspiration for the first feature film by Gastón Solnicki (an interesting documentary filmmaker) was Béla Bartók's expressionist opera Bluebeard's Castle, which can be heard on the film's soundtrack. Patterned after the work of the Hungarian composer, the filmis almost devoid of action: the most important element is the aura, the signs and symbols in the images, emphasizing the protagonists' imprisonment in a world that, on the one hand, offers them some comfort, but, on the other hand, resembles a golden cage.

Adam Kruk


Venice IFF 2016 (Orizzonti) – FIPRESCI Prize

Gastón Solnicki

Born in Buenos Aires in 1978, Gastón Solnicki is an Argentinian director with Polish roots. Initially trained to become a chef, he then went to New York to study Photography and Film. In addition to short films, he has also made three full-length films. His debut, Süden (2008), and the documentary dedicated to his family, Papirosen (2011), were award winners at the BAFICI International Independent Film Festival in Buenos Aires. His latest film, Kékszakállú, was screened at the Venice Film Festival, where he won a FIPRESCI Award in the Orizzonti section.


2008 Süden

2011 Papirosen

2016 Sinobrody / Kékszakállú

Cast & Crew

director Gastón Solnicki
screenplay Gastón Solnicki
cinematography Fernando Lockett, Diego Poleri
editing Francisco D'Eufemia, Alan Segal
music Béla Bartók
cast Laila Maltz, Lara Tarlowski, Katia Szechtman, Denise Groesman, Pedro Trocca
producer Iván Eibuszyc, Gastón Solnicki
production Filmy Wiktora
sales Frutacine
language Spanish
colouration colour