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The Wolfpack

Crystal Moselle
USA 2015 / 86’

Shut up in public housing in Lower Manhattan, the Angulo brothers were able to go outside only a few times a year. That said, they also recall an entire year in which they did not go out at all. The seven children of a hippy form the Midwest and a Peruvian with New Age tendencies grew up in complete isolation from the outside world. Their father always had the key to the apartment. He gave the children Indian names, did not allow them to cut their hair or go to school, but they were permitted to watch television. Films by Tarantino, Lynch, and Scorsese were a window to the world for these imprisoned teenagers. The boys began living an imaginary life, playing out scenes from the films they had watched. They made costumes, designed props, and learned their lines by heart. This cinematic substitute life-full of action, color, and emotion-was the opposite of their claustrophobic existence. The Wolfpack is a film about the power of creativity and art to become salvation.

Ewa Szabłowska


Sundance FF 2015 – Best Documentary

Crystal Moselle

A documentary filmmaker who combines fashion, art, and music. Her first film, Excavating Taylor Mead, about a beatnik poet who was a friend of Andy Warhol's, was screened at the Whitney Biennial. She also made a series of short films about artists, including Norman Foster and Buckminster Fuller, for the Art Basel market. Has also made fashion clips and music videos, including for the song Hold On by AsDSSka, which she made along with Spike Jonze. The Wolfpack is her first full-length film.


2005 Excavating Taylor Mead

2015 Wataha / The Wolfpack

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Cast & Crew

director Crystal Moselle
screenplay Crystal Moselle
cinematography Crystal Moselle
editing Enat Sidi
music Danny Bensi, Saunder Juriaans
cast Govinda Angulo, Bhagavan Angulo, Jagadisa Angulo, Krsna Angulo, Mukunda Angulo, Narayana Angulo
producer Alex Orlovsky, Hunter Gray, Izabella Tzenkova, Crystal Moselle
production Kotva Films, Versimilitude
sales Magnolia
language English
colouration colour