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Fucking in Love

Justine Pluvinage
France 2014 / 72’

April 19th, 2011. I land in New York for a trip of two months and a half. A few months before, I left the man with whom I spent 9 years of my life, from 18 to 27. He was my first lover and remained the only one all these years. He used to tell me that love didn’t exist (…) That relationship enabled me to avoid getting confronted to men’s desire and libido. Leaving him meant setting me free. That trip is a quest, a way of asserting myself as a woman driven by sexual urges. Fucking In Love is an intimate, downright exhibitionistic diary about traveling and picking up men. From a broken condom to a marriage proposal, Justine dutifully records every one of her encounters with men and always with her camera. The presence of the camera actually makes it easier for her to meet these men, who later wind up in her bed, where they are questioned, analyzed, and immortalized. An uncensored, erotic self-portrait that discusses sexuality, sexual stereotypes, love, relationships, and lust.

Ewa Szabłowska

Justine Pluvinage

(1983, France) finished her studies in psychology, and then studied photography at the art academy of Arles. She makes videos and documentaries in which the boundary between sex and love plays an important role.

Selected filmography

2007 Eliane (short)

2008 Florence (short)

2009 Le Dernier mot (short)

2011 Le mariage de ma cousine (short)

2012 Jo (short)

2012 Tourette et Péroné (short)

2012 Fucking in Love

Cast & Crew

director Justine Pluvinage
screenplay Justine Pluvinage
cinematography Justine Pluvinage
editing Aurélie Nolf
music Ellis Bell
producer Dick Laurent
production Pictanovo, le Fresnoy et la DRAC NPdC
sales Justine Pluvinage
language French
colouration colour