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Peace to Us in Our Dreams

Šarūnas Bartas
Lithuania, France, Russia 2015 / 107’

Screened as part of the Quinzaine des Réalisateurs section at Cannes, Šarūnas Bartas's latest film is filled with an elegiac tone, and it would be hard not to when staring into the big gray eyes of Ina Marija Bartaité, the daughter of the director and Katerina Golubeva. The latter, who died in France in 2011, appears in some archival footage, "playing" the role of the teenage girl's dead mother, in other words herself. Bartas uses close-ups to show their resemblance, and the intimate conversations between father-played by Bartas-and daughter feel authentic. Despite the fictional framework-a middle-aged intellectual spending the weekend at a country house with his daughter and young lover, a violinist having a breakdown-the line between fiction and reality is blurred. A day spent in the land of plenty that the rural setting appears to be and an attempt to reach an understanding with the indigenous people inhabiting it evokes a wave of unstoppable sadness within the protagonists, and also induces them to reflect on their own lives. Bartas takes on the role of a sensitive mentor explaining the world to the women in his life, but even he will be unable to stop the drama unfolding around them.

Agnieszka Szeffel

Šarūnas Bartas

Born in 1964 in Šiauliai, Lithuania, Šarūnas Bartas is a director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and composer. He studied Direction at the Moscow Film School. In 1989, he founded Lithuanian’s first independent film studio, Kinema, which became the focal point for the young Lithuanian cinema that was emerging at the time and developing in terms of its creativity. He made his full-length debut in 1999 with Three Days, which captured the Ecumenical Jury and FIPRESCI awards at the Berlin International Film Festival. He has been collaborating with producer Paulo Branco for many years.


1986 Tofolaria (short, co-dir. Valdas Navasaitis)

1990 Pamięć minionych dni / Praejusios dienos atminimui / In Memory of The Day Passed By (short)

1991 Trzy dni / Trys dienos / Three Days

1995 Korytarz / Koridorius / The Corridor

1996 Niewielu nas / Mūsų nedaug / Few of Us

1997 Dom / A Casa / The House

2000 Wolność / Laisve / Freedom

2004 Wizje Europy / Visions of Europe (segment Children Lose Nothing)

2005 Siedmiu niewidzialnych ludzi / Septyni nematomi zmones / Seven Invisible Men

2010 Euroazjata / Eurazijos Aborigenas / Eastern Drift

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Cast & Crew

director Šarūnas Bartas
screenplay Šarūnas Bartas
cinematography Eitvydas Doskus
editing Gintare Sokelyte
music Alexander Zekke
cast Ina Marija Bartaité, Šarūnas Bartas, Edvinas Goldstein, Lora Kmieliauskaite
producer Jurga Dikciuviane
production KinoElektron, Studio Kinema
sales NDM Mantarraya
language Lithuanian
colouration colour