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In Memory of The Day Passed By

Šarūnas Bartas
Praejusios dienos atminimui
USSR 1990 / 40’

Bartas’s second medium-length film after Tofolaria—made while he was still a student but under the banner of Kinema—brought attention to young Lithuanian cinema at international festivals. The leitmotifs of this poetic documentary—like in many of the director’s later films—are wandering and memory. The film was made using the sort of neo-realistic esthetics that was characteristic of the directors from the Kinema group—using high-contrast black-and-white images, Bartas shows us snow-covered old Vilnius and its residents. The main subject emerges from a number of individual episodes: the camera follows a homeless puppeteer who traverses the city toward an unspecified goal. His path leads him through streets filled with old, devout men and women, through musty alleys and cramped courtyards dotted with puddles. The puppet in his hands is a copy of him, swaying awkwardly on shaky legs. In Bartas’s work, the picturesque quality of decay and human misery is captivating.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Amsterdam International Documentary FF 1990 – Wisselzak Trophy

Šarūnas Bartas

Born in 1964 in Šiauliai, Lithuania, Šarūnas Bartas is a director, screenwriter, producer, actor, and composer. He studied Direction at the Moscow Film School. In 1989, he founded Lithuanian’s first independent film studio, Kinema, which became the focal point for the young Lithuanian cinema that was emerging at the time and developing in terms of its creativity. He made his full-length debut in 1999 with Three Days, which captured the Ecumenical Jury and FIPRESCI awards at the Berlin International Film Festival. He has been collaborating with producer Paulo Branco for many years.


1986 Tofolaria (short, co-dir. Valdas Navasaitis)

1990 Pamięć minionych dni / Praejusios dienos atminimui / In Memory of The Day Passed By (short)

1991 Trzy dni / Trys dienos / Three Days

1995 Korytarz / Koridorius / The Corridor

1996 Niewielu nas / Mūsų nedaug / Few of Us

1997 Dom / A Casa / The House

2000 Wolność / Laisve / Freedom

2004 Wizje Europy / Visions of Europe (segment Children Lose Nothing)

2005 Siedmiu niewidzialnych ludzi / Septyni nematomi zmones / Seven Invisible Men

2010 Euroazjata / Eurazijos Aborigenas / Eastern Drift

Cast & Crew

director Šarūnas Bartas
screenplay Šarūnas Bartas
cinematography Vladas Naudzius
editing Šarūnas Bartas
production Studio Kinema
sales Studio Kinema
colouration b&w