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Robert Greene
USA 2014 / 86’

Fans of The Wire will surely recognize Brandy Burre from several seasons of the show. For other viewers, however, her name will probably mean very little. The extent of her popularity is not important, however, as Actress is not a portrait of a celebrity but rather a provocative game that the director plays with the audience in order to explore the tension between documentary cinema and the art of acting. Robert Greene enters the home of the “actress” when, using the language of gossip magazines, she is performing her most difficult role in life: that of wife and mother. His intrusive camera records her most private moments, provoking her to play the various roles assigned to the modern woman: the ambitious but neurotic mother preparing to go back to work, the bored wife jokingly analyzing the complexities of living with her husband, the desperate housewife lost in melodrama. The film opens with her back turned to the camera as she washes the dishes while wearing an elegant red dress. Is this a cinéma vérité documentary, a Cassavetesesque deconstruction of a woman in crisis, or an art project reminiscent of the work of Cindy Sherman?

Ewa Szabłowska


Cinema Eye Honors Award 2015

Robert Greene

An American director specializing in non-fiction films, as well as a producer and editor. His films Fake It So Real and Kati with an I have been recognized as two of the most interesting documentaries of recent years, and they occupy a space somewhere between hard truth and fiction, as they focus on the performance aspect of documentary cinema. Greene is also a film critic who writes for Sight & Sound, Filmmaker Magazine, Hammer to Nail, Nonfics, and Press Play.


2003 Six Videos About Tourism (short)

2009 Owning the Weather

2010 Kati with an I

2012 Fake It So Real

2014 Aktorka / Actress

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Cast & Crew

director Robert Greene
screenplay Robert Greene
cinematography Robert Greene
editing Robert Greene
sound Andrey Netboy
cast Brandy Burre
producer Susan Bedusa, Robert Greene, Douglas Tirola
production 4th Row Films
sales 4th Row Films
language English
colouration colour