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Set 3: Short film: panorama (animations)


Dock 5

France 2007 / 5'30’

director:Paul Chaudet, Simon Landrein, Benjamin Devaux
screenplay:Paul Chaudet, Simon Landrein, Benjamin Devaux
language:no dialogue

A night on the American docks of the 1950s. A ship is being loaded and unloaded to the sound of jazzy tunes.


Germany 2007 / 13’

director:Daniel Höpfner
screenplay:Daniel Höpfner

Berlin, February 23rd 1959, 11.23 p.m. P. Hermann is entering the empty entrance hall of the Anhalter Station which is released for demolition. The longer he stays in the building the stronger become his memories and visions.

Jungle Jail

France 2007 / 8’

director:Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Bruce Nguyen Van Lan, Aymeric Palermo
screenplay:Mathieu Arnoux, Hugo Cierzniak, Bruce Nguyen Van Lan, Aymeric Palermo
language:no dialogue

A young prisoner comes into a crazy jail where everything can happen. Punier and smaller than others he becomes the scapegoat of everybody. Until the day when everything changes … he starts to be the big boss of the jail.

Lost in the Snow

Zudusi sniega
Latvia 2007 / 8’

director:Vladimir Leschiov
screenplay:Vladimir Leschiov
language:no dialogue

In winter some people go ice fishing. Excitement intensified by freezing temperatures and strong drinks lead to unpredictable consequences.


Germany, null 2007 / 8'30’

director:Spela Cadez
screenplay:Christina Zimmermann
language:no dialogue

Heart-ache, never-ending tears and turned-around heads are difficult to treat, but fortunately not incurable…


France 2006 / 12’

director:Stéphanie Machuret
screenplay:Stéphanie Machuret
language:no dialogue

In an African village, a young blind man, a storm victim, will be initiated by an angel and overcome his fears. Thanks to a flute's musical quality, he will be able to exorcize the villagers' fears and offer a different perception of the natural elements.

Milk Teeth

UK 2007 / 11'20’

director:Tibor Banozcki, Anna Higgs
screenplay:Tibor Banozcki, Anna Higgs
language:no dialogue

A young boy follows his sister into a field as she sneaks out to see her boyfriend. Lost in the strange world of the cornfield, the siblings experience both fear and love, learning both more about themselves and their relationship as brother and sister.


France 2007 / 8’

director:Zakaria Boumediane, Camille Delmeule, Fabien Félicité-Zulma, Anthony Voisin
screenplay:Zakaria Boumediane, Camille Delmeule, Fabien Félicité-Zulma, Anthony Voisin

In a dry world where oxygen is missing, humans have to live underground. Lana, a young woman has to take care of her little brother Theo. But one day, the young boy desobeys.

Rgb Xyz

Ireland 2008 / 13’

director:David O'Reilly
screenplay:David O'Reilly

RGBXYZ was discovered in late 2007 when a gardener accidentally dug up a harddrive buried somewhere in central Europe. The harddrive soon found it's way to filmmaker David OReilly, who distributed the work online. What seemed like incomprehensible nonsense was actually a heartfelt story of loss and adventure in the big city.

The Dress

Estonia 2007 / 6'30’

director:Mari-Liis Bassovskaja, Jelena Girlin
screenplay:Jelena Girlin, Mari-Liis Bassovskaja
language:no dialogue

A woman tries to remember the highlights of her life, or maybe dreams about them?

The Man with a Chicken Head

L' homme à tête de poule
France 2007 / 6’

director:Sylvain Jorget, Axel Morales, Mathias Rodriguez
screenplay:Sylvain Jorget, Axel Morales, Mathias Rodriguez
language:no dialogue

A chicken-head man feels excluded from the conformist society and one day decides to use a disguise to fulfill his passion for jazz music.


France 2006 / 9’

director:Cellier David, Limouzin Florent, Real Arnaud
screenplay:Cellier David, Limouzin Florent, Real Arnaud

Chinese scientist fortuitously invents a machine which desintegrates. This invention will be used to save the humanity of a planetary threat. Unfortunately the machine will not function as envisaged…