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Fantasy on Prokofiev’s Violin Sonate Op. 80

Bartek Bartos, Piotr Bartos, Kamila Iżykowicz
Poland 2014 / 6’
music video

The music video to Fantasy on Prokofiev's Violin Sonate Op.80 was directed by the Bartos Brothers&Iżykowicz trio. It was made for a song by the same name from the album Tempus Fantasy by Katarzyna Borek and Wojciech Orszewski. The protagonist of the video is a lonely young woman in a bathing suit who is filmed from various points of view, usually stationary, contrary to her reflection.

Joanna Ostrowska

Bartek Bartos

Born in 1979. Director, producer, and screenwriter of music videos, advertising videos, and cultural and entertainment programs for both public and commercial television stations. Studied Film and Television Production at the Krzysztof Kieślowski Radio and Television Faculty University of Silesia in Katowice. Along with his brother, made the feature film Boy With a Frog. Founder and director of the MANIFIESTA film studio in Wrocław, the goal of which is to produce original films.

Selected filmography

2013 Children of the Sun (co-dir.)

2014 Inwentaryzacja (co-dir.)

2014 Chłopiec z żabą / Boy With a Frog (co-dir.)

2014 Fantasy on Prokofiev’s Violin Sonate Op. 80 (video clip, co-dir.)

Piotr Bartos

Born in 1984. An artist who creates installations and does performance art. Director and cinematographer. One of the creators of the art and photographs for Tomek Tryzna’s book Taniec w skorupkach (Dancing in Shells). His experimental video art has been shown on the television station TVP Kultura.

Selected filmography

2008 Odpowiedzi, na które nie ma pytań

2014 Egzul (co-dir.)

2014 Chłopiec z żabą / Boy with a Frog (co-dir.)

2014 Fantasy on Prokofiev’s Violin Sonate Op.80 (video clip, co-dir.)

Kamila Iżykowicz

Born in 1984, she studied Art History in Wrocław and in Madrid, as well as Design at the School of Form in Poznan. She is involved in the visual arts, product and conceptual design, and video art. She works with the MANIFIESTAfilm studio.


2014 Fantasy on Prokofiev’s Violin Sonate Op. 80 (video clip, co-dir.)