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The Liquid Casket / Wilderness of Mirrors

Paul Clipson
United Kingdom, USA 2014 / 10’

Paul Clipson takes us on a journey around London, Leeds, Glasgow, and Scotland during which he records footage for a film. The aim of the artist is not to promote these places, however, since he transforms them in his presentation, changing colors and passionately applying superimposed images, thus limiting viewers’ ability to recognize these places. Such treatments turn The Liquid Casket / Wilderness of Mirrors into a hypnotizing journey.

Patryk Tomiczek

Paul Clipson

Studied Film, Illustration, and Painting at the University of Michigan. Frequently collaborates with sound artists and musicians from all other world. Since 2003, has been taking part in the production of documentary, short, and music-related films. His works have gained popularity in different places throughout the world, including Spain, Italy, Germany, Japan, Russia, and the United States.

Selected filmography

2004 Bump Past Cut Up Through Windows (short)
2006 Over Water (short)
2010 Light From The Mesa (short)
2012 Another Void (short)
2014 Płynna szkatułka / Bezdroża luster / The Liquid Casket / Wilderness of Mirrors

Cast & Crew

director Paul Clipson
screenplay Paul Clipson
cinematography Paul Clipson
editing Paul Clipson
music Lawrence English
producer Paul Clipson
production Paul Clipson
language no dialogue
colouration b&w