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Old Jewish Cemetery

Sergei Loznitsa
Netherlands, Latvia 2014 / 20’

Well-known Ukrainian artist Sergei Loznitsa was asked to make a film about the title cemetery, a place that played greatly varied roles for a number of decades. It was a ghetto and a park during the Communist period. In long, black-and-white shots, the filmmaker shows us modern Riga, while, at the same time, commemorating the city through the Jewish cemetery, a place for cultivating memory, as well as history.

Patryk Tomiczek

Sergei Loznitsa

Ukrainian director, screenwriter, and producer. Born in 1964. Graduated in 1987 with a degree in Applied Mathematics from the National Technical University of Ukraine in Kyiv. Completed his studies in Film Production at the State Institute of Cinematography in Moscow in 1997. Opened a production and distribution company in 2013 Atoms & Void. His films have been screened all over the world.

Selected filmography

2000 Przystanek / Polustanok / The Train Stop (doc., short)

2005 Blokada / Blockade (doc., short)

2012 We mgle / V tumane / In the Fog
2014 Majdan. Rewolucja godności / Maidan (doc.)

2014 Stary cmentarz żydowski / Old Jewish Cemetery (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Sergei Loznitsa
screenplay Sergei Loznitsa
cinematography Serhiy Stefan Stetsenko
editing Sergei Loznitsa, Danielius Kokanaudis
sound Vladimir Golovnitski
producer Sergei Loznitsa
production Atoms & Void, Mistrus Media
sales Atoms & Void

language no dialogue
colouration b&w