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Oleksiy Radynski
Ukraine 2014 / 17’

Integration documents the violent start to Ukraine’s Maidan protests that got under way during the first few months of 2014. Radynski made his film in the heat of the moment, before the echo of events had subsided. The film focuses, however, on what was happening behind the scenes and, according to official information about the documentary, the relationships between authority and ritual, politics and faith, religion and rebellion.

Patryk Tomiczek

Oleksiy Radynski

Writer and filmmaker. Lives in Ukraine. A member of the Visual Culture Research Center, an initiative started in 2008 focusing on the fields of culture, knowledge, and politics. His films have been screened in New York, Oberhausen, and Cologne, among other places. 

Selected filmography

2013 Incident in the Museum (doc., short)

2014 Ukraine Goes to War (doc., short, co-dir)

2014 Integracja / Integration (doc., short)

Cast & Crew

director Oleksiy Radynski
screenplay Oleksiy Radynski
cinematography Sasha Bojko, Tomas Rafa, Serhiy Rozov, Max Savchenko
editing Leszek Molski, Oleksiy Radynski
sound Oleksiy Radynski
producer Lyuba Knorozok
production Lyuba Knorozok
language Ukrainian
colouration b&w