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Italy 2015 / 8’

For audiences at the 14th T-Mobile New Horizons Festival who managed to see the previous works by this artistic collective, its latest accomplishment should come as no surprise. This time, a static camera is set up in a mountain village in Italy, our view of which is altered depending on changes in light and sound.

Patryk Tomiczek


A group of artists based in Milan and Berlin. Founded in 2006, this artistic collective makes films and installations. Its works have been presented at numerous prestigious festivals and galleries. Its earlier film Trento Symphonia was screened as part of the European Short Films Competition last year.

Selected filmography

2007 About Zero (short)
2010 57.600 secondi di notte e luce invisibili / 57,600 Seconds of Invisible Night and Light (co-dir., short)
2011 Un luogo a venire / A Place to Come (short)
2014 Trento Symphonia (short)
2015 Quantum (short)

Cast & Crew

director Flatform
screenplay Flatform
cinematography Raffaele Ingegno, Delia Simonetti
editing Flatform
sound Flatform
cast Raffaele Cuna, Maria Luisa Inga, Mario Martena, Roberta Martena, Mario Pasquariello
producer Rosa Meins, Stefania Cecere
production RAG Film, Bezirk Wedding Produktion
sales Flatform
language no dialogue
colouration b&w