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The Exquisite Corpus

Peter Tscherkassky
Austria 2015 / 19’

The latest project by the subject of a retrospective during the 12th New Horizons, which was screened during the most recent festival in Cannes, combines the poetics of a variety of film genres, ranging from comedy through horror right up to erotica. The connection is not obvious, however. Tscherkassky was inspired by surrealists who would create a single image or phrase from fragments of the works of various artists. The title of the film is also a reference to the creative method once known as cadavre exquis (exquisite corpse).

Patryk Tomiczek

Peter Tscherkassky

Born in Vienna in 1958. Studied Philosophy. Has been making films since 1979. Teaches courses about the practice of filmmaking at applied arts institutions in Vienna and Linz. Was one of the co-founders of Sixpack Film in 1991. In 1993-1994, directed the Diagonale Festival of Austrian Films. Published a book in 1995 called Peter Kubelka (together with Gabriele Jutz). Has also been involved in journalism since 1984.

Selected filmography

1981 Bloodletting (short)
1985 Manufraktur / Manufracture (short)
1996 Happy-End (short)
2010 Coming Attractions (short)
2015 Wykwintne ciałka / The Exquisite Corpus (short)

Cast & Crew

director Peter Tscherkassky
screenplay Peter Tscherkassky
cinematography archival footage
editing Peter Tscherkassky
music Dirk Schaefer
cast archival footage
producer Peter Tscherkassky
production P.O.E.T Picture Production
sales Sixpack Film
language no dialogue
colouration b&w