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Max Philipp Schmid
Switzerland 2015 / 15’

Schmid is interested in finding an answer to the question of the notion of paradise as an ideal place. At the same time, he is occupied with home gardens, which are places to relax and take it easy and, as such, fulfill the function, to a certain degree, of the titular paradise. According to the filmmaker himself: “The film investigates the current social trend toward withdrawal and separation, which are manifestations of an ideal way of living, close to nature.”

Patryk Tomiczek


Videoex Zürich 2015 – Grand Prix

Max Philipp Schmid

Max Philipp Schmid was born in 1962 in Switzerland. Schmid is an independent director and video artist. After studies in art he qualified as a visual arts teacher at Basel University of Arts and Design. Since 1990, he has dedicated himself to making experimental films and videos. His works have been shown at numerous international festivals. Exhibitions in museums and galleries in Switzerland and Germany have shown his video installations. Several works of Max Philipp Schmid have been awarded.

Selected filmography

1990 Privat (short)
1996 Sad Song (anim., short)
2007 Der Imitator (short)
2011 Widmo szczęścia / Das Gespents des Glück / The Ghost of Happiness (short)
2015 Raj / Paradies / Paradise (short)

Cast & Crew

director Max Philipp Schmid
screenplay Max Philipp Schmid
cinematography Thomas Isler
editing Max Philipp Schmid
music Max Philipp Schmid
cast Thomas Douglas
producer Stella Händler
production freihändler Filmproduktion GmbH
sales freihändler Filmproduktion GmbH
language German
colouration b&w