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The Here After

Magnus von Horn
France, Poland, Sweden 2015 / 102’

When John returns to his hometown after serving a two-year prison sentence, he hopes to start over. Unfortunately, neither the locals nor his friends from school have any intention of letting him do that. No one has forgotten why the teenager ended up behind bars, and no one has forgiven him either. Perhaps with the exception of his father, who is trying to help the boy live a normal life. He is somewhat ineffective when it comes to this, however, not to mention cold toward his son. John struggles with feelings of guilt and rejection. He fluctuates between periods of extreme excitement and emotional sterility. Unable to return to normalcy, he decides to openly confront his past. This feature debut by a graduate of the Łódź Film School builds tension beautifully, while its strength is in its restraint. The cool tones of Łukasz Żal's (Ida) cinematography emphasize the dense atmosphere of the plot and the growing sense of alienation. In his full-length feature debut, von Horn develops his intuition and the original style that he could be seen earlier in his award-winning short films. Those responsible for making the program at Cannes were right for including The Here After, as it was in the running for the Golden Camera this year.

Anna Tatarska

Magnus von Horn

Born in Gothenburg, Sweden, in 1983, von Horn is a graduate of the Łódź Film School. An award-winning short-filmmaker and screenwriter (Anna Kazejak's The Word). His films are minimalistic but with tension and conflict bubbling under the surface. He pays a great deal of attention to his films' visual style. His feature debut, The Here After, premiered as part of the Quinzaine des Rèalisateurs at Cannes.


2007 Mleczaki (short)

2007 Radek (doc. short)

2008 Echo (short)

2011 Bez śniegu / Utan snö / Without Snow (short)

2015 Intruz / Efterskalv / The Here After

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Cast & Crew

director Magnus von Horn
screenplay Magnus Von Horn
cinematography Łukasz Żal
editing Agnieszka Glińska
cast Ulrik Munther, MatsBlomgren, Loa Ek, Alexander Nordgren, Ellen Jelinek, Wiesław Komasa
producer Madeleine Ekman, Mariusz Włodarski
production Lava Films, Zentropa International Sweden
sales Gutek Film
language Swedish
colouration colour