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Mr. Turner

Mike Leigh
UK, France, Germany 2014 / 150’

The story of the last years in the life of William Turner, a British painter active at the turn of the 19th century. Recognized as one of the forefathers of impressionism, Turner was also a tireless worker. During what was a colorful life, he completed some 30,000 works, including sketches, oil paintings, and watercolors. One of his favorite forms of expression were maritime paintings depicting battles at sea and landscapes. This time, Mike Leigh leaves behind his typical portrayals of the conditions of contemporary society in order to make the second-after Topsy-Turvy (1999)-biopic of his career. Turner's rich life helped him make a work with character. Leigh boldly shows the final years in the life of this master, who, while being underappreciated, constantly had to grapple with things in his own life: his father's illness and death, the steady stream of short-lived relationships with women, and, finally, the jeers that came in response to the eccentric works appearing on his canvases. All of these aspects formed the reality of an artist who seemed not to care and who kept on creating works in beautiful, bright colors.

Sławomir Wasiński

Mike Leigh

Born in Salford, England, in 1943, Mike Leigh studied Theater at several well-known British institutions. He began his career as a stage director and playwright in the mid-1960s. He made his film debut in 1971 with Bleak Moments. Decades later, he returned to theater and television. High Hopes (1988) allowed him to return to the world of cinema and made him a household name. Since then, Leigh has made dozens of films that have captured awards at festivals all over the world.

Selected filmography

1984 Meantime (TV)

1993 Nadzy / Naked

1996 Sekrety i kłamstwa / Secrets & Lies

2004 Vera Drake

2008 Happy-Go-Lucky, czyli co nas uszczęśliwia / Happy-Go-Lucky

Cast & Crew

director Mike Leigh
screenplay Mike Leigh
cinematography Dick Pope
editing Jon Gregory
music Gary Yershon
cast Timothy Spall, Paul Jesson, Dorothy Atkinson, Marion Bailey, Karl Johnson, Ruth Sheen, Sandy Foster, Amy Dawson, Lesley Manville, Martin Savage, Jamie Thomas King, Mark Stanley
producer Georgina Lowe
production Film4, Focus Features International (FFI), Lipsync Productions, Thin Man Films, Xofa Productions
sales UIP
language English
colouration colour