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Quentin Dupieux
France, Belgium, USA  2014 / 88’

Reality is the name of a little girl whose father kills a pig. Inside the pig’s gut is a videocassette that, for some unknown reason, has no signs of digestive juices on it. The girl’s fate is tied to the fate of others: that of a cameraman who wants to make a film about murderous television sets, the producer of which orders him to record a groan of pain worthy of an Oscar, and that of the host of a cooking show who walks around in a rat costume and is being tormented by invisible eczema. The characters bump into one another on the street, in the woods, in their dreams, and on a cinema screen – we should add, however, that some of these are actors or fictitious characters. Each subsequent thread gets tangled up, slowly looping itself into a Gordian knot. This is a brief overview of the latest work by Quentin Dupieux, the maker of Wrong and Wrong Cops, which were screened at New Horizons and at the American Film Festival. Just like those earlier films, Reality is a surreal comedy about a world that is somewhat out of shape.

Piotr Mirski


Ghent IFF 2014 – Youth Jury Award – Special Mention; Sitges – Catalonian IFF 2014 – José Luis Guarner Critic’s Award

Quentin Dupieux

Born in France in 1974, Quentin Dupieux is best known as Mr. Oizo, his stage name as an electronic musician. He began his career in film by making music videos, including the popular video for his own song Flat Beat, the one with a yellow puppet that moves its head to the beat. He made his directorial debut with Steak, while he gained fame with Rubber, whose main character is a living, bloodthirsty tire. Dupieux specializes in an absurd, anarchistic type of humor.


2007 Steak

2010 Mordercza opona / Rubber

2012 Wrong

2012 Wrong Cops: Chapter 1 (short)

2013 Złe gliny / Wrong Cops

2014 Rzeczywistość / Réalité / Reality

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Cast & Crew

director Quentin Dupieux
screenplay Quentin Dupieux
cinematography Quentin Dupieux
editing Quentin Dupieux
music Quentin Dupieux
cast Alain Chabat, Jonathan Lambert, Kyla Kenedy, Jon Heder, Eric Wareheim
producer Diane Jassem, Kevin Van Der Meiren, Gregory Bernard, Josef Lieck
production Realitism Films
sales Spectator
language English, French
colouration colour