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Regular Lovers

Philippe Garrel
Les amants réguliers
France 2005 / 183’

Years later, Philippe Garrel brings the upheaval of May 1968 to the big screen and stands on the other side of the barricades from Bernardo Bertolucci. Unlike Dreamers, with its head in the clouds, Regular Lovers does not try to win over the audience, but passes a sober judgment on the Paris revolts instead. To some the three-hour film may prove demanding, but viewers will be rewarded with William Lubtchansky’s hypnotizing and masterful black-and-white cinematography. The plot centers on the figure of a young poet named François (played by the director’s son, Louis Garrel), who is carried away by the fever of rebellion. The situation gets more complicated, however, when the young man meets the beautiful Lilie. They are forced to choose between their feelings and loyalty to hippie ideals. Their intimate story is set against a background of big politics and a revolution gradually in decline. Disappointed in reality, they indulge in the chaos of drugs. True freedom gives way to a grotesque delusion.

Piotr Czerkawski


Venice IFF 2005 – Silver Lion, Golden Osella; Prix Louis Delluc 2005; César Awards 2006 – Most Promising Actor (Louis Garrel); European Film Awards 2006 – FIPRESCI Prize

Philippe Garrel

Born in 1948, Philippe Garrel is the son of the well-known actor Maurice Garrel and one of the most important continuators of the French New Wave. He was only 16 when he made his debut film, Les enfants désaccordés (Children Out of Tune). His films combine lyrical self-portraits, cinematic tributes to his favorite filmmakers, and critical social commentary. His first big success was The Secret Son, for which he won a Jean Vigo Award in 1979. Garrel’s most important films include Liberty at Night, Wild Innocence, and Regular Lovers, which concerns the events of May 1968.

Selected filmography

1979 Sekretne dziecko / L’enfant secret / The Secret Child

1991 Nie słyszę już gitary / J'entends plus la guitare / I Don't Hear the Guitar Anymore

1984 Liberté, la nuit / Liberty at Night

1999 Powiew nocy / Le vent de la nuit / Night Wind

2005 Zwyczajni kochankowie / Les amants réguliers / Regular Lovers

Cast & Crew

director Philippe Garrel
screenplay Philippe Garrel, Marc Cholodenko, Arlette Langmann
cinematography William Lubtchansky
editing Françoise Collin, Mathilde Muyard
music Jean-Claude Vannier
cast Louis Garrel, Clotilde Hesme, Julien Lucas
producer Edouard Weil, Gilles Sandoz
production Maïa Films
sales Films Distribution
language French
colouration b&w