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Hits from Venice and Locarno in the 20th New Horizons programme

Ema, dir. Pablo Larraín
Our Programmers in Rotterdam: The Competition 70th Berlin IFF - premiere "Kill It and Leave This City"

The New Horizons 20th anniversary edition will feature the latest films by Pablo Larraín, Denis Côté, Pedro Costa and Théo Court. Festival audiences can enjoy Ema starring Gael Garcia Bernal, the hypnotizing Wilcox, the moving White on White (Blanco en blanco) and Vitalina Varela, winner for Best Film and Best Actress at Locarno.

Ema, dir. Pablo Larraín

Shown in the main competition at the Venice Film Festival, Pablo Larraín's Ema (Jackie, No) is a cinematic roller coaster starring the magnetic Marianna Di Girolamo and Gael Garcia Bernal. A couple abandons their adopted child only to be subsumed by their toxic relationship. Larraín builds a coming-of-age story of desire, guilt and redemption into an anarchic myth filled with predatory sexuality, ecstatic colors and sensual dance. The film is distributed by the New Horizons Association.

Wilcox, dir. Denis Côté

An NH Festival favorite, Denis Côté (Vic & Flo Saw a BearGhost Town Anthology) returns to Wrocław with his intimate film Wilcox, which premiered in Locarno. The Canadian director continues to experiment, but this time he deviates a little from his style, making a minimalist, hypnotic film about an outsider looking for a new path, which results in a New Horizons-style reversal of Sean Penn's iconic Into the Wild.

White on White, dir. Théo Court (Blanco en blanco)

The winner of the Orrizonti section at the Venice Film Festival explores the relationship between beauty and violence in his shocking film White on White (Blanco en Blanco). Having discovered old photographs documenting the genocide of the Tierra Indians, Théo Court reconstructs the age of brutal colonization, when fortunes and latifundia flourished thanks to looting, rape and murder. We watch the tragedy of the Indians and the savagery of the colonizers through the eyes of a photographer: an artist, a voyeur and a witness, who by carefully composing and beautifully illuminating reality, casually strips out its darkest sides.

Vitalina Varela, dir. Pedro Costa

"Indiewire" proclaimed Vitalin Varela to be a delightful masterpiece. In his latest film, Pedro Costa (the hero of our 2018 retrospective), immerses audiences in darkness, and, true to form according to critics, no one has ever shown so many shades of darkness in cinema. In a world of blurred contours and shapes, the director exorcises the painful past of a widow who leaves Cape Verde and sets off to Lisbon in the footsteps of her deceased husband. In the story of Vitalina and Joaquim, we watch unspoken and previously undescribed immigrant experiences. The film won the competition at last year's Locarno festival, where Vitalin Varel also won the Golden Leopard for Best Actress.

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