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70th Berlin IFF - premiere "Kill It and Leave This City"

Kill It and Leave This City, dir. Mariusz Wilczyński
Hits from Venice and Locarno in the 20th New Horizons programme Our programmers report from Berlinale 2020

Our programmers report from Berlinale (20.02 - 1.03.2020). 

In the main competition, the unbearably old-fashioned Philippe Garrel disappointed with The Salt of Tears, while Kelly Reichardt's film First Cow, a minimalist western and beautiful poem about friendship, was touching.

Interesting things are happening in the new Encounters section; I've already seen a few films at market shows and know that many of them will join this year's New Horizons program. Of the films that have already premiered, it is difficult to disregard the monstrous project of Cristi Puiu Malmkrog, with its 200 minutes of conversation art and radical theater on screen. Yesterday saw the premiere of the wonderful, full-length animated film by Mariusz Wilczyński (the hero of a retrospective at the 11th NH) - Kill It and Leave This Town. This is an extraordinary journey through the director's fantasy and memory - personal, brilliant, funny and poignantly sad, masterfully made, with the voices of brilliant artists, many of whom are no longer with us. A unique experience.

Marcin Pieńkowski, artistic director of the New Horizons International Film Festival

"I wanted to finish the conversation, which is to wash away the burden of omission towards my parents. The most hopeless thing is that we are so overwhelmed with ordinary, simple everyday matters that we do not look at loved ones and do not devote time to them when they need it. I felt guilty and uncomfortable about people close to me who had passed away. After all, you can not improve anything after that, there is a symbolic end. I used my magic box, or animation, and recreated that world. And in this way I cleared my trauma. Those artists who reach for autobiographical threads heal the tough moments of their lives. But I have to tell you that I did not expect what happened here in Berlin. Several people came to me and said that I was helping them. It was most surprising, they told me: you know what, I will go see my mother tomorrow and talk to her."

Excerpt fom an interview with Mariusz Wilczyński, onet.pl

"The main character is Jadwiga played by Krystyna Janda - an old, tired woman who feels useless to anyone. Each of us, regardless of age and sex, is sometimes Jadwiga, whom no one seems to notice. We meet her just before dawn, when she sends her husband (Andrzej Chyra) and son (Maja Ostaszewska) by train to the seaside, while she remains at home to become immersed in herself. Time stops flowing, or rather flows in all directions at the same time. Jadwiga experiences a dark night of the soul, getting lost in her own fears - as if it was constantly 4:48 AM, the time when the most suicides occur. A state in which the grayness of the world is overwhelming, dawn does not want to come and you can not fall asleep anymore; the only colors here are blood and a red and white flag."

Adriana Prodeus, "Vogue" 

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