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A guide to purchasing tickets for the 19th New Horizons IFF

"Pain and Glory" and "Portrait of a Lady on Fire" in the program "Matthias & Maxime", "The Souvenir", "Young Ahmed", "Mid90s", "Beats"...

In just 11 days, there will be more than 600 screenings of 223 different films. With a labyrinth of different sections, as well as a variety of discounts and rebates available, what would be the best approach? Below, you’ll find a simple guide in the form of questions and answers in which we explain the latest changes.

Tickets for individual screenings will go on sale on Wednesday, 17 July at 12:00 noon.

1. Why did you stop offering multi-screening tickets?

Festival goers themselves had the decisive voice. In response to numerous comments, we decided to stop selling multi-screening tickets and to establish instead a fixed ticket price of PLN 20 (PLN 2 cheaper than last year).



The purchase of a multi-screening ticket was a complicated and time-consuming process; in order to take advantage of the available discount, you had to decide which films you were going to watch far in advance.


Did you get sick? Do you have to take an unexpected business trip halfway around the world? It no longer matters. Tickets purchased in advance are transferable. Multi-screening tickets were personalized, which made it impossible to transfer them.


We’ve improved the movement of festival goers between individual sessions, as staff no longer have to confirm the identity of ticket holders, thus improving the process of admitting viewers to screenings.

2. PLN 20 is the new price of tickets for individual screenings, but gala screenings cost PLN 25, and retrospective screenings cost PLN 5 more than last year. Why is this being called a price reduction?

When purchasing a larger number of tickets, the change (for the better) will be clear; with smaller purchases, no one will be losing out compared to last year. For example, if you purchase five tickets, including three for screenings in the Masters section, one for a retrospective screening and one for a Gala screening, you will pay PLN 105 this year. The cost would have been the same last year.

3. Can I buy a ticket for less than 20 PLN?

Of course. Individuals who have a Friends of New Horizons Cinema card or an URBANCARD Premium cardcan purchase a  ticket for PLN 18 (for you and your companion). A Friends of New Horizons card costs only PLN 25 (you can request one at New Horizons Cinema ticket counters) and is valid for one year. It entitles you to purchase discounted tickets (PLN 15) for all regularly scheduled films at New Horizons Cinema after the festival.

To purchase tickets at a discount, select the “I want to use a discount” option on the purchase page and enter your card number. Keep in mind that discounted tickets can only be purchased online.

4. It won’t be possible to buy last-minute tickets this year, but there will be something called an open ticket. What’s the difference? How can you use an open ticket?

We’re well aware of your dilemma: You don’t know if you’ll be able to enter a sold-out show at the last minute. We are launching a new service this year called Open Ticket (OT), the purpose of which is to ensure that we can effectively use any available seats in screening rooms. Open tickets will operate on the basis of a pre-paid card that can be topped up with cash or a payment card at the festival box office. OT holders will be able to scan their open ticket outside the screening room—including at the start time of their selected screening—and occupy any vacant seat or any unused reserved seat (depending on availability). In addition, you can use your open ticket to purchase entry to any screening that isn’t sold out.

5. What’s going to happen with the last-minute line?

Instead of one long lineup in front of the last-minute ticket counter on the cinema’s ground floor, guests will be directed to individual screening rooms. Individuals with an open ticket will be able to monitor the availability of seats in real time and can go directly to their selected room. More information and regulations will soon be available at www.nowehoryzonty.pl/openticket.

Ticket prices

PLN 25: single ticket for the opening gala or the awards gala

PLN 20: single ticket

PLN 18: single ticket for holders of a Friends of New Horizons Cinema* card and for holders of an URBANCARD Premium* card.

PLN 25: single ticket for Gala screenings

PLN 14: single ticket for screenings in the Kids’ Films section

Tickets will go on sale at 12:00 noon on 17 July at www.nowehoryzonty.pl and at New Horizons Cinema ticket counters.

*Tickets available for online purchase only.

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Chroma. Księga kolorów [Chroma. Book of Colors]

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PLN 30: normal ticket

PLN 25: discounted ticket

PLN 25: discounted ticket for holders of passes and accreditation for the 19th New Horizons International Film Festival

Ticket sales on the festival website

Purchasing tickets online

In order to purchase a ticket, you have to log in to the festival website. If you don’t have an account, you can create one by selecting the “create an account” button.

Tickets (online) can be purchased up to two hours before the start of an event. Tickets can be purchased at the cinema box office right up until the start of a screening (subject to availability).

After selecting a film (film screening), add it to your cart by clicking the icon next to the title.

Payments must be made within 30 minutes of placing your order. After this time, your order will be canceled.

After adding a film (film screening) to your cart, you have to place your order by clicking on “my ticket basket.”

The status of your orders can be tracked in the “my orders” section, where you can also pay for your orders.

Tags should be used when determining your personal viewing plan.


Anyone arriving late to a screening will not be permitted entry: a zero-tolerance policy for latecomers will be in effect.

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