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Chroma. Księga kolorów

Balans Ambient Room #3 - IP Group Inner Life: The Bump

The Capitol Musical Theatre in Wrocław, in cooperation with the New Horizons International Film Festival, presents the world premiere of Chroma: The Book of Colour based on the novel by Derek Jarman. Essays about colours, written by an outstanding British film director, the cult figure of the 80s and 90s, are an amazing praise of life, and at the same time a confession, a testament and farewell to the world - Jarman wrote his book, dying of AIDS and losing his sight. Passing away, darkening of the world is therefore the starting point of the performance - as in Blue, the last movie of Jarman. What do you remember when you cannot see anymore, when the colours that filled your life are nothing but memories? How do you keep your dignity and hope, passing over to the other side? It is also a story about exclusion and stigmatization.

Chroma is directed by Rafał Matusz, original music composed by Piotr Dziubek, Zachariasz Jędrzejczyk prepares multimedia. Paweł Świerczek, the author of the Polish translation of the book, is a co-scriptwriter. Małgorzata Fijałkowska is a choreographer. On the stage: Błażej Wójcik from The Capitol Theatre and Przemysław Kozłowski from the Wrocław Contemporary Theater, in the duet of an artist and his alter ego, his guide to the world of darkness, who helps him pass away. The actors are accompanied by Katarzyna Płachta-Styrna (viola) and Emilia Danilecka (cello).

The premiere of Chroma: A Book of Colours will take place on July 27, 2019, during the New Horizons International Film Festival in the Capitol Musical Theater, further performances on July 28-30.2019.

The performance is for adult viewers only.

script, dramaturgy: Rafał Matusz and Paweł Świerczek
translation: Paweł Świerczek
direction, set design, costumes: Rafał Matusz
music, musical direction: Piotr Dziubek
multimedia: Zachariasz Jędrzejczyk
choreography, stage movement: Małgorzata Fijałkowska
cast: Przemysław Kozłowski and Błażej Wójcik and Katarzyna Płachta-Styrna (viola) and Emilia Danilecka (cello)

Based on the novel Chroma: A Book of Colour
© Copyright 1994 by Derek Jarman


Photos from the rehearsals: BTW Photographers / Teatr Muzyczny Capitol

Rafał Matusz

Director, playwright, marketing manager. Born in Wrocław in 1973. Student of Krystian Lupa and Jerzy Jarocki. A graduate of the Theatre Directing Department at National Thatre Academy in Kraków. Assistant to Jerzy Jarocki (The Trap by Różewicz and Platonov by Chekhov, both at the Polish Theater in Wrocław), assistant to Mikołaj Grabowski with the television theatre realization in Krakow. Post-graduate studies of culture management - Warsaw School of Economics (SGH). President of the board of the Association of Social and Cultural Initiatives "Europeum". As a theatre director, he made his debut in 1995 with Lesson by Ionesco at the Baltic Dramatic Theater in Koszalin, prepared several dozen performances in many theatres in Poland, wrote four plays, two of them realized in professional theatres. As a playwright he is associated with the Drama Agency and Theater in Warsaw (ADiT). In 2014, for the Cultural Center in Oława, he prepared the film Returns (Powroty) as part of the author's film workshop. He is the co-author of the controversial book Calling to Hille (Wołając do Hille), published in 2018 by NovaeRes. He led theatre workshops for actors' groups in Chojnice, Gorzów Wielkopolski, and Wrocław.