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Worldwide hits at the 19th New Horizons IFF. Featuring the new Ozon movie

By the Grace of God, dir. François Ozon
Dates to remember, places to be Masters of Asian Cinema: Tsai Ming-liang, Zhu Shengze, Bi Gan and Zhang Lu

Films appreciated by both the audience and the jury at the Berlin, Toronto and San Sebastián film festivals are a part of this year's New Horizons International Film Festival.

That includes the winner of the Silver Bear (Grand Jury Prize) - By the Grace of God(Grâce à Dieu) film. This latest work by François Ozon amazed the audience at the Berlin show. This year's program will include new movies by Peter Strickland, Markus Schleinzer, Neil Jordan, Isaki Lacuesta and many others. Festival passes are now on sale.

By the Grace of God (Grâce à Dieu) is based on real facts. It's a story about four men, who after many years have to face the demons of their past. Their goal is to bring to justice a priest, who molested them when they were kids, and yet retains a position in the Church hierarchy. And ironically he still works with children. By the Grace of God sparked quite a turmoil in France. Over 200 thousand people had seen the movie during its opening weekend.

In Fabric - a highlight of the Toronto festival. The creator of New Horizons hits (Berberian Sound StudioThe Duke of Burgundy) - Peter Strickland - once again employs the giallo genre as well as the atmosphere of horror movies of the '70s British cinema to produce a perfectly stylized scare piece about a killer... dress. The movie is both a tribute to Argento, Bavie and other masters of Italian horror films as well as an ingenious exercise in cinematography.

Angelo by Markus Schleinzer (Michael, NH 2011) is a story of a 18th century Negro slave who from a young age is trained to become a prize at the Viennese court. Spectacular visuals and excellent performances meet an intellectual banquet - the film is a brilliant deconstruction of the colonization era. The protagonist Angelo is not treated here as a person - rather an unknown territory waiting to be tamed.

Greta by the veteran of British cinema -Neil Jordan - was very well received by the audience of the Toronto film festival. Extravagant and provocative thriller by the creator of The Crying Game and Breakfast on Pluto presents the story of a mysterious widow (by the outstanding Isabelle Huppert), who manipulates the life of a young girl (Chloë Grace Moretz). It's a piece showcasing madness and entrapment.

Isaki Lacuesta's Entre dos Aguas - winner at San Sebastián and Mar del Plata festivals - seamlessly blends fiction and documentary, bridging the past and the present. Using the protagonists of his critically acclaimed The legend of time (La leyenda del tiempo, NH 2006), he tells the story of two brothers living in the south of Spain. The movie, dubbed "the Spanish Boyhood", takes a good look at the interactions between men: their body language, conversation and gestures. It is an unusual and beautiful piece of melancholic cinema.

(translation by CM Translation Services, Wroclaw)

The 19th New Horizons International Film Festival will take place from July, 25th to August, 4th 2019.

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