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Video Essey: A Joke by Ingmar Bergman

Kaja Klimek
Béla Tarr about Hu Bo, director of "An Elephant Sitting Still" Polish cinema violates taboos. An essay by Piotr Czerkawski

A collection of images, phenomena, motifs and visual details: these are video essays, through which we tell stories about and look at the New Horizons.

This time, Kaja Klimek tears down the monument of Ingmar Bergman and shows that death is not so bad as it is painted.

Kaja Klimek

Translates films, sometimes writes about them (she used to work the Film magazine, Dwutygodnik or Filmweb portals) and constantly discusses them – also with the kids in the framework of New Horizon’s , the Polish Film Institute and the Filmoteka Szkolna (Shool Filmotheque) educational programs. She leads the Warsaw edition of the Against Gravity Academy of Documentary Film,  also deals with the Polish short film at the Short Waves Festival in Poznań. She ran the Weekend Film Magazine on TVP, and currently runs the Hashtag Warsztat – YouTube's vlog devoted to pop culture and films.

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