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Sleep Has Her House

Scott Barley
UK 2017 / 89’
subtitles: Polish and English
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
TW: flashing lights
Rewind & Play Still the Earth Moves

Wim Wenders has just created a documentary portrait of Kiefer, Anselm (featured in the Visual Front program), while in the Lost Lost Lost section, we present the film by the „Anselm Kiefer of Cinema”, as named by Danish film critic and former director of the European Documentary Network, Tue Steen Müller. A vision of the world just before the Apocalypse? The enigmatic Sleep Has Her House, the full-length debut of an experienced visual artist, is, as some would argue, a milestone in experimental cinema, an example of eco-slow cinema that explores the essence of the relationship between humans and nature, observer and performance. With Warhol, Deleuze, and Brakhage behind him, the director combines moving and still, recorded and hand-painted frames into a hypnotic whole, expanding the field of cinematic experience. Manipulating time, light, and image, he creates emotions from abstraction. We witness the last days of a world immersed in darkness like never before seen.

TW: flashing lights which may affect people hypersensitive to light or suffering from epilepsy.

Agnieszka Szeffel


Fronteira International Documentary & Experimental FF 2017 - Best Film (Jury Award)

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20 Jul, 12:00 – 6 Aug


Sa 22 Jul, 16:15 knh 6
Tu 25 Jul, 19:15 knh 6
Filmmakers Q&A
We 26 Jul, 16:15 knh 6
Filmmakers Q&A
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Scott Barley

Scott Barley is an artist-filmmaker based in Scotland. His work is primarily concerned with the anthropocene, nature, darkness, absence, cosmology, phenomenology, and mysticism. His films have been exhibited at festivals and galleries worldwide. Since early 2015, Barley has almost exclusively shot his films on iPhone. His short film, Hinterlands was voted one of the best films of 2016 in Sight & Sound's yearly film poll. His first feature-length work, Sleep Has Her House was released in early 2017, garnering acclaim, and winning the Jury Award for Best Film at Fronteira International Documentary & Experimental FF, in Goiânia, Brazil. In 2018, Barley co-founded Obscuritads — “an international collective focused on rendering the invisible visible” — with filmmaker, Mikel Guillen (Toronto) and curator and programmer, Miquel Escudero Diéguez (Paris, Barcelona).

Selected filmography

2012 The Ethereal Melancholy of Seeing Horses in the Cold (short)

2013 Nightwalk (short)

2016 Hinterlands (short)

2017 Womb (short)

2017 Jej dom w mocy snu / Sleep Has Her House


director Scott Barley
screenplay Scott Barley
cinematography Scott Barley
editing Scott Barley
sound Scott Barley
producer Scott Barley
production Ether Films
sales Scott Barley
language no dialogue

Sleep Has Her House

Scott Barley

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