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Alex Camilleri
Malta 2021 / 94’
subtitles: Polish and English
Knocking Natural Light

Alex Camilleri's full-length debut is one of the rare films made in Maltese, with the participation of non-professional actors - fishermen with whom the director has been friends for years and whose problems form the script’s inspiration and dramatic axis. The film’s title is taken from the traditional Maltese coastal fishing boat. One of the local captains, Jesmark, continues his family fishing tradition, but is struggling with ever stronger competition. When it turns out that his newborn son requires expensive surgery, Jesmark is forced to abandon ideals and work with local black marketeers. Camilleri focuses attention on Jesmark’s drama, drawing a broader social and political background at the same time. The blame for the deteriorating fate of Maltese fishermen is not only on the black market, but also stringent EU legislation, progressive environmental degradation and the incipient climate catastrophe. Most of all, however, Luzzu is an emotional portrait of a man whose stable life begins to fall apart overnight.

Jakub Demiańczuk


Sofia IFF 2021 - Young Jury Award; Sundance FF 2021 - World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award

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Alex Camilleri

Alex Camilleri is a Maltese-American director, screenwriter and editor, participant of film workshops organized by the Sundance Film Festival and Film Independent. He is the winner of an award for the best student documentary in the Emerging Filmmaker Showcase organized during the Cannes festival. As an editor he worked, among others, with Ramin Bahrani (who produced his debut Luzzu) and HBO's adaptation of Fahrenheit 451. He is currently preparing his second feature film, which will also take place in Malta.


2009 Elli and the Astronaut (short)

2010 Still Here (documentary short)

2017 Prickly Pear (short)

2021 Luzzu 


director Alex Camilleri
screenplay Alex Camilleri
cinematography Léo Lefèvre
editing Alex Camilleri
music Jon Natchez
cast Jesmark Scicluna, Michela Farrugia, David Scicluna
producer Rebecca Anastasi, Ramin Bahrani, Oliver Mallia, Alex Camilleri
production Memento Films International
sales Memento Films International
language Maltese, English


Alex Camilleri

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