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The County

Grímur Hákonarson
Iceland, Denmark, Germany, France 2019 / 88’
subtitles: Polish and English
Last and First Men The Painter and the Thief

No longer young and somewhat downbeat, Inga (the wonderful Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir), who lives in the Icelandic countryside, looks like someone whose best years are behind her. We’re certain that this impression will only be reinforced when the protagonist faces a crisis in her professional and personal life. But we couldn’t be more wrong. In the face of trouble, Inga finds the same sort of strength that, in Hollywood films, is typically seen in characters played by Frances McDormand. Having discovered that an agricultural cooperative is engaging in unfair practices, Inga swears that the truth will come out. To ensure this happens, she doesn’t back down from anything, even if it means going to war with nearly the entire community. Like in the acclaimed film Rams, the director Grímur Hákonarson proves that he is second to none when it comes to brilliant portrayals of outsiders. In The County, the Icelandic filmmaker deftly combines northern-European melancholy with inspiration from American genre cinema in the form of a dark whodunit or even a western.

Piotr Czerkawski

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Grímur Hákonarson

Born in 1977, Grímur Hákonarson is an Icelandic director. He graduated from the FAMU film school in Prague. His short graduation film,  Slavek the Shit, was presented at the Cannes Festival, and his debut feature,  Summerland, earned him a nomination for an Eddy Award for best screenplay. His second feature film,  Rams, about two brothers locked in conflict was an award winner in the Un Certain Regard section at Cannes. Also shown at cinemas in Poland, it turned out to be a festival hit all over the world.

Selected filmography

2004 Last Words of Hreggviður (short)

2005 Slavek the Shit (short)

2010 Sumarlandið / Summerland

2015 Barany. Islandzka opowieść / Hrútar / Rams

2019 Daleko od Reykjavíku / Héraðið / The County

Cast & Crew

director Grímur Hákonarson
screenplay Grímur Hákonarson
cinematography Mart Taniel
editing Kristjan Lodmfjord
music Valgeir Sigurðsson
cast Arndís Hrönn Egilsdóttir, Sveinn Ólafur Gunnarsson, Ævar Þór Benediktsson, Sigurður Sigurjónsson, Hinrik Ólafsson
producer Grímar Jónsson
production Haut et Court, Netop Films, ONE TWO Films, Profile Pictures
Polish distributor Gutek Film
language Icelandic
colouration colour

The County

Grímur Hákonarson

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