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Eve Heller

Eve Heller (born 1961 in Amherst, Massachusetts) is a filmmaker and producer of experimental films who lives in Vienna. She began studying cinema when she was 17 in the State University of New York (SUNY) at Buffalo. In 1987 she graduated in German Literature & Interdisciplinary Studies at Hunter College. Six years later, in 1993, she got an M.A. at the prestigious Bard College. Among her teachers, there were people such as Peter Hutton, Paul Sharits, Tony Conrad, Peggy Ahwesh, and Abigail Child. Her widely recognized work has been shown in exhibitions at places such as the Whitney Museum of American Art, the New York Film Festival, the Pacific Film Archives, the Toronto Cinémathèque Ontario, The International Film Festival Rotterdam, the Louvre Museum, and the Austrian Film Museum in Vienna.

Eve Heller's films shed light on those small instants that in a conventional film would go undetected, as if they were the fragmented and beautiful images of a dream. Heller achieves this effect using flashing lights, multiple exposures, and the grain of the emulsion magnified by the optical printer and at some moments a slow-motion effect. In her stock-footage work, Heller finds a latent substance and poetic potential in the original film, as in Last Lost (1996); she creates new poetic associations, as in Her Glacial Speed (2001); and even finds a humorous tone, as in Ruby Skin (2005).

Through the manipulation of stock footage, Heller uses to her advantage the characteristics of 16mm black-and-white film and also those of color, as in Ruby Skin. Thus, she creates films with abundant textures that work as haikus, highly charged with meaning. A semi-documentary film made with a camera hidden behind the mirrored surface of a diner window, Astor Place (1997), shows us her most lyrical side. People walking by seem to be dancing an unscripted choreography, as if they were part of a secret conspiracy. Behind This Soft Eclipse (2004) presents the pendulum-like motion between the worlds of day and night, images in negative and positive, solid ground and the world under the water. Through this, the filmmaker is revealed as a mighty wizard of light.

Filmography (all short):

1978 - 2010 One

1981 - 2010 Self-Examination Remote Control

1982 - 2010 Juice

1996 Last Lost

1997 Astor Place

1998 22 Orbits

2001 Her Glacial Speed

2002 Glint

2005 Behind this Soft Eclipse

2005 Ruby Skin