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In memoriam Wojciech Jerzy Has

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Author: Robert Kardzis (ed.)

ISBN 978-83-925733-6-4

Cover: booklet

Publication year: 2010

We spent the two years during which we worked on the exhibition also on examining the archives and collections of numerous private persons and institutions.We searched through radio and television archive materials and inspected every nook and cranny of the Łódź film school, as well as of every institution with which the director might have come in contact.We reached relatives of Wojciech Has living abroad and found people who knew him - this yielded photographs hitherto unknown in Poland.At times, the preparations for the exhibition were like a criminal investigation - we lost track every now and then and new clues appeared all of a sudden.There were scheduled meetings which never actually took place and "briefcases full of photos" which were never found.Thanks to our hard work, we managed to collect diverse materials, often unknown to the public before. We present around five hundred photos as slide shows and printouts.These include such magnificent pieces as a photo of Has on the set of his debut film - Harmonia - and a photo taken on the last day of making the last movie of the director.Thanks to the courtesy of private collectors, we managed to find very personal photographs taken by the director himself. These have never been shown before.Apart from very rich photographic materials, the exhibition is also rich in audiovisual materials - speeches by people who worked with Has and archive materials including the first film study starring Bronisław Pawlik or a two-minute Film on 8-milimetre tape in which Has practises his favourite pastime - angling. The artist, living and working in a period very unfavourable for him, chose a difficult and unrewarding career path which, right from the very beginning, involved overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles.Perhaps it was precisely this "resistance of reality" to be conquered that stirred Has's creativity. The director might have derived energy from that which resulted in the destruction of others. Remember that when entering the world of Wojciech Jerzy Has's imagination to which we now invite you…

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