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Godard - Passages

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Godard - Pasaże

Author: Paweł Mościcki

Language: Polish

ISBN: 978-83-61407-87-4

Cover: booklet

Publication year: 2010

For Godard, being a cinematic visionary means not only creating films breaking the mould and revolutionising the discourse of cinema on all levels. For him, filmmaking is also a theoretical reflection covering the philosophy of image, the history of cinema, the concept of realism and other things. This book collects the speeches of the director, comments on his work, and cross-cutting reflection concerning various parts of his work in one volume. Inspired by Passages by Walter Benjamin, the book is a fusion of thought, narration, and problems (sometimes revealing internal inconsistencies and historical limitations) demonstrating that the work of Godard is first and foremost philosophical in its character.

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