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Passion. Films by Jean-Luc Godard

30,00 zł

Pasja. Filmy Jean-Luca Godarda

Author: Ewa Mazierska

Language: Polish

ISBN: 978-83-61407-23-2

Cover: booklet

Publication year: 2010

"What are Godard's movieslike? They are part poetry, part journalism, and part philosophy. Poetry, the art of enclosing everything within one "drop," seems to be predominant. Like a poet, the director strives to present different aspects of human experience, seizing that which is essential to them and presenting it in brief. This means that significant effort needs to be invested in re-constructing or constructing the meaning of Godard's movies. This will, however, likely pay off - one cannot say that one is familiar with European cinema if one has not seen films by Godard. Knowledge of his movies is a key to the history of the cinema and I believe that it also enables one to guess at the future of the pictures."
Ewa Mazierska

Ewa Mazierska is a professor at the Journalism and Media Department at the University of Central Lancashire (Preston, Lancashire). Her published works include: Słoneczne kino Pedra Almodóvara (2007) and, a publication in English, From Moscow to Madrid: European Cities, Postmodern Cinema (I. B. Tauris, 2003), Dreams and Diaries: The Cinema of Nanni Moretti(Wallflower, 2004), Crossing New Europe: The European Road Movie (Wallflower, 2006) (all in cooperation with Laura Rascaroli), Women in Polish Cinema (Berghahn, 2006) (with Elżbieta Ostrowska), Polish Postcommunist Cinema: From Pavement Level (Peter Lang, 2007), Roman The Cinema of a Cultural Traveller (I. B. Tauris, 2007), Masculinities in Polish, Czech and Slovak Cinema (Berghahn, 2008), and Jerzy Skolimowski: The Cinema of a Nonconformist (Berghahn, 2010). She is also the co-editor of Relocating Britishness (Manchester University Press, 2004).