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The Golden Age of Hungarian Cinema

22,00 zł

Złota era węgierskiego kina

Author: Robert Kardzis, Jan Topolski (ed.)

Language: Polish

ISBN: 978-83-61407-49-2

Cover: booklet

Publication year: Kraków 2009

This publication is our attempt at discussing the phenomenon of Hungarian cinema from two points of view, in spite of the small size of the volume. The first point of view is critical - it comprises essays by Hungarian film scholars (György Báron, Gábor Gelencsér, Lóránt Stőhr and Balázs Varga) which analyse the impact of political, historical, and stylistic matters, as well as the influence of New Wave on the re-emerging Hungarian cinema. However, there are other contexts, other than artistic, which contributed to the rise of the legend of the Golden Age of Hungarian cinema. The period when these movies were created was special for Central Europe and it drew our attention to social considerations, manifesting themselves as the reception of works by Hungarian directors in Poland and the Czech Republic (still Czechoslovakia at the time). Films by Jiři Králík, Radim Valak and Andrzej Werner depict a world which has been partially forgotten already, in spite of its relative proximity. In this world, a movie was not only an artistic or intellectual phenomenon - it also had a social and, at times, political impact and significance. These works are a recollection of times when presence at the pictures was a manifestation of a certain point of view and told a lot about the awareness of the movie-goer.

Robert Kardzis, Jan Topolski