Lek and the Dogs

Andrew Kötting
UK 2017 / 92’
Kusama - Infinity The End of Fear

When four-year-old Ivan Mishukov runs away from home, he is taken in by a pack of wild dogs that take care of him on the streets of Moscow. It is only two years later that he ends up in an orphanage, where he records his experiences on cassettes. In his eyes, the world of humans, worn down by recession, is a place of violence and depravity, whereas the dogs gave him warmth, closeness and protection. The two years he spent with them will have a dramatic impact on his emotional life and his ability to cope with the human world. Hattie Naylor wrote the drama Lek and the Dogs based on Ivan's cassettes. In a darker, visionary adaptation by British eccentric Andrew Kottig, Ivan becomes Lek, played by French actor Xavier Tchili. The topos of a wild child unspoiled by civilization is juxtaposed against raw, dark images of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Drifting over the apocalyptic landscape is the spirit of Tarkovsky's Stalker and Beckett's Krapp's Last Tape. An unforgettable work by an uncompromising artist.

Ewa Szabłowska

Andrew Kötting

Andrew Kotting is a writer, artist and filmmaker who has made over a hundred film and video works shown in cinemas, art galleries and on television around the world, and awarded prizes at many international film festivals. His work includes performances, installations and publications, and he has had retrospectives at the Tate Britain, ICA, Oberhausen, Osnabruck, Hamburg, La Rochelle, Rotterdam, Paris, Cork and Brussels.


1986 Klipperty Klöpp (short)

1994 La-bas (short)

1996 Gallivant

2001 The Filthy Earth

2006 In The Wake Of The Deaded

2009 Ivul

2012 Swandown

2016 By Our Selves

2017 Edith Walks

2018 Lek i psy / Lek and the Dogs


director Andrew Kötting
screenplay based on a play by Hattie Naylor
cinematography Nick Gordon Smith
editing Andrew Kotting
sound Philippe Ciompi
cast Xavier Tchili
producer Nick Taussig, Paul Van Carter
production Salon Pictures
sales Salon Pictures
language Russian, English
colouration colour & b&w