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In Absolute Silence

Łukasz Śródka
W absolutnej ciszy
Poland 2017 / 65’
Images of Wroclaw: The Destruction of a City Luxus. The Simple Story

He perceives the world visually and cannot imagine not seeing something. In his studio at Wrocław's Academy of Fine Arts, students were able to "really live," in contrast to the depressing communist reality. It was a melting pot that welcomed seekers, thinkers, and experimental artists. Konrad Jarodzki opened the door and said, "Do whatever you want." He gave them a huge amount of freedom. Łukasz Śródka tells the story of his grandfather, Konrad Jarodzki, in his documentary In Absolute Silence. The well-known Wrocław-based painter, professor, and former rector of the Academy of Fine Arts collaborated with the famous Wrocław Group in the 1960s and 1970s. This is a poetic vision of the painter's artistic path, intertwined with commentary by Wrocław-based artists, including those who passed through his studio, as well as art critics. The director also observes the protagonist during the opening of his exhibition Distorted Clarity in Manhattan. In Jarodzki's works, abstraction is mixed with expressiveness, while in Śródka's film, melancholy is mixed with respect for the artist's achievements.

Marcin Radomski

Łukasz Śródka

Łukasz Śródka is a director, screenwriter, and cinematographer. He co-founded the independent film studio Camera Nera in Wrocław. He studied Literature. He uses his knowledge of literature and literary theory to write scripts that then translate into the language of the film. He has made dozens of short documentary, feature, and commercial films. He was a winner at the 9th Lower Silesian Film Competition.


2012 Urzulei (short)

2013 850 °C. Szkło Tomasza Urbanowicza (short)

2013 Wrocław (short)

2014 Monomoka (short)

2015 Sleeping… (short)

2016 Stani (short)

2017 W absolutnej ciszy / In Absolute Silence

Cast & Crew

director Łukasz Śródka
screenplay Łukasz Śródka
cinematography Łukasz Śródka
editing Jakub Stachecki
music Dominik Śródka, Michał Szablowski
cast Konrad Jarodzki, Leszek Frydryszak, Bożena Grzyb-Jarodzka, Andrzej Jarodzki, Paweł Jarodzki
producer Valeria Cocco, Łukasz Śródka
production Camera Nera, Odra-Film
language Polish
colouration colour