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Releases 2019


Kantemir Bałagow
Russia 2019 / 130’
Release date: 11 October 2019
Angelo Bergman: A Year in Life

How do you start over after experiencing a living hell? Kantemir Balagov's second film confirms him to be one of Russia's most interesting young filmmakers. The film transports audiences to the ashes of post-WWII Leningrad where bashful nurse Iya, aka Beanpole, falls into a strange state of dementia. When her friend, energetic Masha, comes back from the front, the two women experience a tragedy together. In Balagov's film, war has the exhausted face of a female comrade who rarely receives a hero's homecoming. The women's ambiguous relationship, navigating between desire for love, manipulation and cruelty, allows the director of Closeness to show life as experienced with war trauma, the baggage of unbearable experiences. Beanpole is stuffy cinema, much like shared Soviet housing, brimming with suppressed emotions, but also penetrating and unafraid of risk. For this penetrating vision, the young Russian received two awards at the last Cannes festival in the Un Certain Regard section.


Cannes IFF 2019 – FIPRESCI Award, Best Director

Release date: 11 October 2019

Kantemir Bałagow

Born in 1991, Kantemir Balagov is a Russian director and screenwriter from Nalchik in Kabardino-Balkaria. A student of Aleksander Sokurov's, he completed courses that the director of Taurus ran at the state university in Nalchik. His full-length debut, the moving Intimacy,is the story of a young Jewess from the Caucasus which premiered in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2017 Cannes Festival, where it received the FIPRESCI Prize. 

Selected filmography

2013 Mołodoj jeszczo (short)

2013 Andriusza (doc. short)

2015 Pierwyj ja (short)

2017 Bliskość / Tesnota / Closeness

Cast & Crew

director Kantemir Bałagow
screenplay Kantemir Bałagow, Aleksandr Terechow
cinematography Ksenia Sereda
editing Igor Litoninskiy
music Jewgienij Galperine
cast Wiktoria Miroszniczenko, Wasilisa Perełygina, Andriej Bykow, Konstantin Bałakiriew, Timofiej Głazkow
producer Michel Merkt
production Non-Stop Production
language Russian
colouration colour