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Kasia Kmita A Horizontal Panorama: Kodras

Kasia Kmita Panorama Horyzontalna. Kodry
Inner Life: The Bump Kontr-akt

A film festival is about watching films; Kasia Kmita watches the festival. The exhibition consists of just one monumental work. It contains episodes from the past of the New Horizons, festival venues, situations and emotions. Kmita creates a visual representation of the festival by combining various artistic traditions. While referring to the convention of a painting-panorama, she adopts a traditional Polish technique of paper-cutting, which is rooted in folk art, and weaves her narrative by using tools borrowed from the world of comics and film. A Horizontal Panorama: Kodras is an elaborate depiction of the timespace of the New Horizons, in which film stories are intertwined with people’s experiences.

The festival is a spectacle in itself, which contains other spectacles – screenings, personal interaction, events; it involves fiction, documents, and places. It is an elaborate construction that has its culinary, political and, of course, erotic dimension. This multidimensionality cannot be grasped in a single frame, so Kasia Kmita has chosen a panorama – after all, we are in Wrocław.

To create the panorama Kmita uses kodra – a traditional folk art technique. A kodra is a unique type of a multi-layer figurative cut-out that was developed by the inhabitants of the Łowicz region in the late 19th century. This form of art traditionally depicted customs, rituals and celebrations. Kmita employs this technique to present a contemporary fragment of city life.

It is said that the festival is a special, living institution that is co-created by the audience. As a fan of the festival and an artist from Wrocław, she creates her own festival – a panoramic image of the New Horizons, a phenomenon at the intersection of film fiction, urban space and social reality.

The exhibition was prepared by the Krupa Gallery and the New Horizons Association.

partner: TIFF Center

curator: Stach Szabłowski

TIFF Center

46a/9 Ruska st. 
July 27 – August 11, 2 PM – 10 PM 
opening: July 26, 7 PM 
Q&A with the artist: July 30, 7 PM and August 6, 7 PM