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Women's Voices: Women save the planet

Women’s Voices: Kobiety ratują planetę
Bird Talk: Korzyński without a kimono Women of Power: Girls to the Front

Nosowska, Edyta Bartosiewicz, Paulina Przybysz, Mela Koteluk, Julia Pietrucha

Women occupy an increasingly important place on the music scene today. Their voice is more and more audible in various areas of the artistic world. Women's Voices: Women save the planet - a nationwide concert tour in which women are in the foregroung - this is one of the best proofs that yes! it's happening. Once again Paulina Przybysz took artistic guidance on the project and took very important role of artistic director. During the concert, the artists will perform their greatest hits and show new arrangements of well-known polish and international songs.

Arsenał Festival Club

Cieszyńskiego 9
2/08, 16:00
tickets available at  biletycjg24.pl