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Brendan Walter
USA, Iceland 2018 / 87’
Rams The Seer and the Unseen

Following the tragic death of his fiancée, Benny Miller packs up a small backpack, puts on a hipster cap and flies off to Iceland—he had once promised his beloved that they would go there together. He meets Inga at a bar, and the story doesn’t end up going the way you expect. Does Benny fall victim to a dark, twisted game, the charm of this girl he’s just met or his own delusions in response to traumatic memories? First-time director Brendan Walter deftly combines a thriller with melancholy slow cinema, epic images with an intimate psychological drama, a tale of unhappy love with horror. He creates a mixture in which important roles are played by obsessive-compulsive disorder, ancient magic, a one-night stand that gets out of control, genital fixation and a compulsion to lick things—taps, stones, icebergs, exhibits at the Icelandic Phallological Museum. This is a unique road move and horror, which doesn’t make things any easier, but the intimate tragedy that takes place in breathtaking Icelandic landscapes is fascinating.

Kornelia Sobczak


Woodstock FF 2018 – Haskell Wexler Award, Best Cinematography

Brendan Walter

Born in Philadelphia in 1986, Brendan Walter is an American director, producer and screenwriter, as well as a photographer and musician. As a guitarist for the band Valencia, he spent seven years performing and recording. He was one of 32 students sued by the American music industry for piracy, after which he became a member of the Recording Industry Association of America. He has designed album covers and directed music videos and advertising films. Spell is his full-length feature debut.


2014 Twenty One Storeys in the Air

2017 Pumpkin (short)

2018 Urok / Spell

Cast & Crew

director Brendan Walter
screenplay Barak Hardley, Jon Lullo, Brendan Walter
cinematography Eric Bader
editing Phillip Warnell, Chiara Armentano
music Patrick Stump
cast Katy Stoll
producer Jonathan Daniel, Nicole Irene Dyck, Bethany Graburn
production Crush Pictures
sales Visit Films
language English
colouration colour