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How to Use the Pyramid

Karolina Zajączkowska
Jak korzystać z Piramidy
Poland 2019 / 9’
Calypso Knives and Skin

A story about a woman, a witch, a modern healer whose tool is her sexuality. The film’s title refers to alternative methods of self-healing that are popular in esoteric circles. Appearing in the film is a stripper named Julia, who takes part in ancient folk rituals.

Ewa Szabłowska

Karolina Zajączkowska

Born in 1990, Karolina Zajączkowska is a visual artist. She studied at the Institute of Creative Photography at the University of Silesia in Opava. She is one half of the artistic duo DWA ZETA (together with Zbiok Czajkowski). Her area of interest lies at the intersection of photography, visual narrative, politics and image theory.


2019 Jak korzystać z Piramidy / How to Use the Pyramid

Cast & Crew

director Karolina Zajączkowska
screenplay Karolina Zajączkowska
cinematography Karolina Zajączkowska
editing Karolina Zajączkowska
music Bartosz Kruczyński
cast Julia Tramp & Natalia Barczyńska
producer ZBIOK Czajkowski
language no dialogue
colouration b&w